Wednesday, November 12, 2014

9 Must Try Pinterest Pizza Recipes


I don’t know what my deal is lately, but I have been seriously craving some good pizza! I really love good tasting homemade or brick oven pizza too; which is hard to find in Southern Utah restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, we have some great pizza joints, but nothing has been exactly hitting the spot like I want it too. So, I did what any reasonable person would do and I turned to Pinterest for inspiration! I need some awesome pizza recipes to make at home! I found nine that are sure to please my craving!

These awesome recipes are listed clockwise (from left to right) – I can’t wait to try them out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baseball Tee + Spiked Statement Necklace

I need to be honest; I never wear a statement necklace with my outfits. Actually I almost never wear a necklace period unless it is something that is really small. The last time I think I wore an actual statement necklace, was probably in high school. I have a few long and layer necklaces that I wear occasionally, but that is really rare too. I really just don’t wear necklaces to begin with, which is weird because I have always been drawn to them and I have a bunch of different ones from throughout the years in my cabinet. 

I always find the most amazing outfit inspiration from either Pinterest or fellow bloggers. Just like Emily from The Sweetest Thing. I absolutely love following her blog, she puts such perfect outfits together and almost all of them (like the ones below) have a beautiful statement necklace that completes the outfit!"

I love Emily’s style and the way that she can incorporate a single necklace into multiple outfits! So, this inspired me to challenge myself into purchasing a necklace and wearing it a couple of different ways. If I am going to start incorporating necklaces into my daily style, then I have to have multiple outfits in which they will add that finishing touch too!

I went in search of a couple of statement necklaces. I found these amazing ones at Charming Charlie! Have I told you all how much I love that store? Well, I do! It is so awesome being able to go into a store that is not only color coordinated but has something to match every style! 

I can’t wait to put together some more outfits to wear with my Statement Necklaces! I am challenging myself to pick atleast two outfits a week that coordinated with a statement necklace! Wish me luck! 

Do you have any favorite Statement Necklaces you wear?
Are you joining Janna and Maegan for this weeks The Creative Closet prompt?

Monday, November 10, 2014

6 Things To Do In November

How can you not want to surround yourself with the beautiful views that fall and winter bring upon us! As the leaves change and the snow layers of snow begin to fall in places, take in the beauty of where you live.

There is nothing that screams Fall more to me than some Hot Apple Cider! So, make yourself a cup and enjoy the wonderful smell and taste of fall!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder of all the wonderful things in our lives that we are blessed to have in our lives. I know that I am constantly reminded how wonderfully blessed my life in and how blessed I am for the people I have in it. Make yourself and/or your family a Blessing Jar.

Holidays mean treats, so why not get fest any make yourself some fun leave cookies or maybe even some Turkey Cake Pops! After all, when else are you going to have an excuse to make adorable turkey inspired treats to enjoy with your family and friends.

I love being able to write down each year the things I am thankful for in my life. If you do not have yourself a Thankful Journal yet, I recommend that you go purchase one right now! They are so wonderful to have. Especially when you look back at all the things you had to be thankful for last year and the things you can add to your list this year!

I was able to cross this off of my Bucket List this October, but what a better time than to visit a beautiful pumpkin patch than when the leaves are changing and the air is crisp! Seriously, load up your family and friends, find a pumpkin patch close to your hometown!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Confessional Friday + CMA Fashion

Hello Lovelies! I am so excited that it is finally Friday and because it is Friday, I thought I would link up with Leslie for a little Confessional Friday!

I confess  
+ I am completely exhausted from this week and I am more than ready for this weekend.
+ This whole Daylight Savings thing is kinda screwing with me, I went to bed wayy to early last night. 
+ I have been craving homemade pie so bad, it must be November.
+ I am super excited for The Creative Closet link up on Tuesday because this one is really pushing me out of my comfort zone! Plus, I got some amazing inspiration for another lovely blogger. Can't wait to share it with all of you!
+ I am in love that the red cup has finally made its way into Starbucks,, Holidays are here!!
+ I possible spent way over what I should have Charming Charlies this week.. I couldn't resist though... Then, of course, when I get home I find a $20 off coupon in the mail - always seems to happen to me.
+ I have been thinking about buying the new tswift album; which is unlike me - I haven't exactly loved her music for a while.
+ I didn't watch the CMA Awards last night, thanks to not having cable in the house, but I will be watching it tonight. I couldn't resist though looking at the fashion on US Magazine.. I may or may not have complied my Love, Hate and Blah ones for you today! 
Kimberly Schlapman | Faith Hill | Kellie Pickler | Nicole Kidman | Ashley Monroe

Kimberly - Everything about your dress is horrible.
Faith - I just can't seem to pin point what it is about this dress that makes me hate it so much..
Kellie - Honey, what is going on with the pattern of your dress?
Nicole - Did you steal your grandmothers tablecloth?
Ashley - This is an award show,, That is not a dress for an award show.

Aubrey Peeples | Meghan Trainor | Jennifer Nettles | Connie Britton | Miranda Lambert

Aubrey - I love the skirt on your outfit, but I hate your top.
Meghan - I love the silhouette of your dress, but the color is just not doing it for me.
Jennifer - yeah, it is awesome that your dress has pockets, but there is just something off with your dress, possibly the neckline?
Connie - I love this dress, I just wish that it were floor length.
Miranda - Beautiful dress, I love the silhouette on you, but the color is just not good.

Jana Kramer | Lucy Hale | Carrie Underwood

Jana - I am sure other probably aren't in love with your dress, but I sure am.
Lucy - This dress is perfection! I do not have a single bad thing to say. Amazing!
Carrie - My first glance, I didn't love this dress, but it grew on me and I really love it now. Especially from the side view, it is a perfect compliment to that baby bump!

Danielle Bradbery | Kimberly Perry | Cassadee Pope

Danielle - The plunging neckline and velvet material are winners for me. Beautiful choice!
Kimberly - Girl, you are gorgeous and this dress fits you like a glove!
Cassadee - Now this is how you wear a 2pc dress! I am in love with the entire outfit and the statement necklace just finishes the entire look!

What are your thoughts on the Fashion of 2014 CMA Awards?
Whats your plans this weekend?
Are you going to link up with Leslie for some Friday Confessionals?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

5 Tips & Tricks to Turning Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits

Having a wardrobe that is versatile for the different seasons is essential in my opinion. Because I love so many of my pieces and would hate to be able to only wear them for a single season before packing them up until next year. Plus, fall here in Utah decides to change its mind a lot. One day it will be 80+ degrees and hardly cool, while the next it is a brisk 45 degrees in the morning and a beautiful 70 degrees in the day. So, it is essential to be able to have pieces in your closet that will pair together if it gets a little on the brisk side at night.

Here are some of my tips and trick for taking a summer wardrobe into the fall season:
5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine


Having an outfit that you can add pieces too is essential! Start with a basic and lightweight top, something neutral in my opinion. Add a sweater or cardigan, perfect opportunity to add some spice to the outfit with some beautiful floral or a wild leopard print. Then make sure to add a jacket that pairs with the outfit; neutral colors are my favorite. Last, adding a scarf is a perfect way to complete the layered look. Now if it is too hot outside for a scarf; I suggest adding a statement necklace for that finishing touch.


I love being able to pair that dress you loved all summer with a pair of tights. If your dress is basic, you can jazz it up with a fun printed pair of tights or you can keep it simple with just a solid basic pair. I love having a variety of tights in my drawer. I also make sure to keep a variety of thick and think ones too, because when it does get a little bit cooler, I love to wear my heavier cable knit ones with a dress and a cardigan.


These seriously are the perfect accessory to taking a summer outfit into the fall. They add so much detail to an outfit without having to add too many layers. I love the blanket scarf trend, because they are a little more bulky, yet they give a beautiful touch to an everyday basic top.

5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine


I think these are the perfect layering pieces. They can add that warmth you need from the crisp air, yet you can take them off and still have a stellar outfit without it. I always make sure that my sweater or cardigan add to my outfit, but doesn’t compete with it. Plus, there is nothing better than having that perfect sweater or cardigan to keep you cozy and comfortable in the evening.


Boots are essential item for your fall/winter wardrobe. They are also the perfect way to transition an entire outfit from summer to fall. For instance; take a lightweight summer dress, add a pair of tights and some boots, perfect fall outfit. Another would be; pair your favorite skinny jeans with a printed neutral top and add a fun pair of ankle booties to it.

5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine
 5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine

I love this little black dress I picked up at Forever 21 a couple of months back. I knew that it was a perfect piece to transition between different seasons. The weather here in Southern Utah is brisk in the mornings and evenings, yet it is 80 degrees in the middle of the day lately. So, I knew that I wanted a piece that would stand strong by itself, yet pair perfect with a sweater for morning and evening. I love the simple detail in the bodist of my dress, because it is just enough to add some flair and detail. Paired with this long fun printed sweater I bought from Buckle a few years back, makes for a perfect summer to fall transition outfit! The black tights and ankle boots were the perfect finishing touches that bring the entire outfit together, whether it be 80 degrees outfits or 45 at night!

What are your tips and tricks for transitioning into seasons?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Are You A No-Reply Blogger.?

There are a few things that I love about blogging, the obvious being that I love to share my favorite things with you. But, what I love the most about blogging is the interaction I get with my readers/followers. I love being able to meet new people and say thank you to those who comment on my posts! 

What makes me sad though, is when I get an email notification of a comment with, because I want to be able to reach out and say thank you for your sweet note! So, if you are currently using the Blogger Platform and you don’t have a visible email on your profile, then this tutorial is for you to change that.

Also, for anyone who is a blogger with an email that is visible, there is a TIP at the bottom to get connect with those who aren’t on the Blogger Platform. 

First, you need to start in your blogger dashboard. Then, follow the steps below to make sure you are not a no-reply blogger. Make sure to hit save on Step 4!

If your blogger account is connected to a google+ account, you first need to disconnect in order to be able to change this. You can re-connect them again afterwards, I promise. Start in your blogger dashboard. Click on the setting icon wheel. It is next to the language option at the top of your screen. Connect/Disconnect from Google+ and follow the prompts.

Most of us, who are on the blogger platform, aren’t being fair to some of the no-reply bloggers. I read in this tutorial that blogging platforms such as Wordpess & Typepad have no way of changing their setting, because their platforms are set up differently than the Blogger. But, hold on there is a way to be in contact with commenter’s on a different blogging platform. It just takes a step or two more.

All you have to do is click on the name of the commenter in your email and/or dashboard. The name is a hyperlink that will send you directly to their profile, blog, or google+ profile. From there you can get into contact with whomever is leaving comments on your blog!

But, if you are a blogger who doesn’t have a single email address set up that I can reach you at. Please do me a favor and leave your email at the bottom of your comment, that way I can get in contact with you and thank you for your sweet note!