Saturday, April 18, 2009

crazy idea of the color spectrum

went a little crazy.
got a little idea..
summer is coming soon.
brown to blonde?
its a change,


Mr. Stash

Easter 2009. This year for easter i got a baby bunny, his name is Mr. Stash. He is so adorable, and he loves to bounce around all the time. Maybe i should of named him bounce, but he has the cuttest marking of a mustach. I love him so much, Thanks Mom and Dad.

a little crazy is what we may be, but we are best friends..

Me and Morgan..
Not only is she my cousin,
She is my best friend and my hero.

Temple Square
Christmas 2008

Car Ride
Christmas 2007

Snow Cones

June Vacation 2007

a little piece of paradise..

Costa Rica Pictures
March & June 2007