Sunday, March 21, 2010

The beginning.. A whole new look.

Saturday started the process of redoing my room! I have been looking forward to this since the day that I bought my new bedroom set, which was back in August. So I bought the paint, and all the misc things needed. Mom and I started the whole thing, hoping it would be done by sunday.. Well its still a work in progress.. The stripes were a little more complicated then I thought they would be, but then again. It is me attempting this, enought said. So right now, i'm sittin in my bed that is in the middle of the room, surrounded by all my other furniture. Like in a little caged box.. But this will all be worth it. Once it is done. I will post before and after pictures of the room!

Girls Night Out!!

Girls Night Out!
I got to spend my friday night with these two cute girls. Madison and Izzy.
While their Mom and Dad were out doing things, I took the girls to town,
First we went to Home Depot for painting supplies,
then too TwentyFive Main for food, then Krave for Icecream(:
We topped off the night all in my bed watching Pheanus and Ferb,
this would be an Izzy choice.
Who later didn't want to go home, so she acted all upset when we got in the car
and went through the front door of her house.
It was super cute that she wanted to sleep with Kenzie, not gunna lie.
I got a couple of pictures of the girls while we were getting food.

She had a Club Sandwich,
which I have to say is the best sandwich ever!
She has Apples and Honey Peanut Butter.
Which she later had all over her face,
in her hair, and you cant forget between the fingers..
But I have to say the two toppers of the whole night were:
* I got asked 3 times if Mom was taking the girls out.
3 different people though these cute girls were mine.
* Izzy kept saying that Brecken is going to be Kenzies Daddy,
then we would have a grandma, and then a baby cutter.
Translation: Me and Brecken were going to get married,
Camielle would be grandma, when we had a baby.
Me and Madison couldn't stop laughing at the whole thing;
and it wasn't just a one time talk.. there was about 5 times it came up.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

time just seems to flyy by.

wow. where has the time gone?

seems just like yesterday that i was writing my last blog,

but its been seriously forever since i have been able to sit down and write.

so so much has been happening, i've been incredible busy..

so here is a few things that have happened to me or the family..

Valentines Day:
Brecken got me these beautiful flowers.
He is incredibly adorable and the sweetest person ever.
He makes me smile more than I ever thought was possible.

Levi's New Car:
On a Monday night, Mom got a call from Levi saying he rolled his car.
Luckily, he was safe. No harm done, to him.
Just the car, Well its a gooner.

Colored my hair:
Yes I did it once again, It never seems to be the same for long.
I do have to say though, I absolutely love it!
It might stay for a while..
Just needs to grow, grow, grow now..

Brecken's Birthday:
Me and his Mommy put together a suprise dinner with the whole family.
If you dont know the Simonsen Family, well there is alot of them..
and not all of them could make it, so sad.
It was a blast!
Aren't we cute together??
I sure do think so(:
Happy Birthday Babe!
Izzzy Girl!
Isn't she just a doll!
Yeah I have so say, shes got my heart!