Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer of '09, Lake Powell

Lake Powell
Summer of '09
So we finally got to move our boat to the slips in Powell. Since then we have spend every weekend possible down on the water. We have had such a blast, I finally got up on the wakeboard and tried surfing. Justin has come with us each trip, which has been really fun. He is been helping out alot with trying to help me get better. I have really had so much fun this year out on the water. Here are some pictures from a couple of the trips that we have made down there.
Sunrise at 5:30ish in the morning. The water was absolulety perfect!

This picture is proof that i finally got up! Yay for me!
And i got outside of the wake!
Surfin for the first time. I wasn't the only one in the family to try it either. Dad got up on it, but for some reason i cant seem to find the pictures of him on it. When i do, they are so going up! He actually wants to get one, cause he enjoyed it so much.
I didn't want to let go of the rope though, maybe next time.. gotta get myself a little practice in.

The boys, minus Justin. Left, Adam. Center, Max. Right, Kade. These are the boys that came down with Justin's family when they got to stay for the whole week, lucky dogs!
This is Justin Surfing

Gotta go big, especially when you get up at 5 to go out!

I took this picture, it is definently one of my favorites. This is justin wakebaording, cause no one in my family can go this big. haha, one day maybe it will be me