Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

...Home Sweet Home...
I had an amazing time in Costa Rica, but nothing is better than coming home.
I love coming back to my bed, the animal, my friends, and my real life.
My time home has been spent with my friends and of course at work.
Me and some of my friends went up to the Dixie Rock and took some fun pictures..
So nice to come home.


Me, Melanie, Camillie, Barnum

Barnum, Me, Camillie, Our new friend Deana (we meet her on the mountain), Melanie

Barnum, Me, Melanie
The three Sisters!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 14! The day paradise ends and reality will soon set in...

Friday! I usually am saying, yay its friday, time for the weekend! Instead i'm saying, uuuhhhh friday, that means i have to leave Manuel Antonion tomorrow and drive the 3 1/2 hours to San Jose; but yay for shopping in San Jose! It is still sad to leave the beautiful jungle and the beach, i love this place! I wish i could just get me a sugar daddy who can put me up in a nice hotel and beable to come here alot! haha, yeah not happening! So today we all got up early cause mom left the window open to her shower last night. Well this is how the story went. Just as the sun was starting to come through the windows we are jumped out of our beds due to the extremely loud slam of the door in mom and dads bedroom.. well the window open and the breeze slammed the door waking us all up early and scaring up to death!! So we were up for the day, we lounged around for a bit because it started pouring around nine when we were all ready to go out and do something for the day. So we decided to let the rain pass and then we would either go to the beach or we would go find something else to do.. I wanted to go to the beach, but then again i love the beach and wouldn't turn down the sun. I sadly haven't gotten much of it since we have been here due to the rain and not being able to stay outside for long periods of time. Its ok though, i have perfect sun weather to go home too and get a great sun tan! So when the rain finally let up around noonish we packed up our stuff and were on our way to the beach! Levi surfed for about 2 hours and then was ready to take a shower, so he and dad left to go to the hotel to shower and then were coming back. Levi didn't want to rise off at the ones that they had around the beach, he said he wanted a real shower! haha! well me and mom stayed on the beach and just enjoyed our iced tea, books, and sun! I sure do love relaxing at the beach:) so when it was time to go we got everything packed up in the car and then we decided to walk around for alittle bit cause mom wanted to look for a wrap, and i really wanted a henna tattoo before we left. I've been really debating getting one lately (a real one) but man i'm freaked out of needles! well as we were starting to walk around we ran into dad and levi, they had just gotten off the bus from the hotel. Perfect timing or what?? Dad wanted some nachos so we went to a restraunt and got him some nachos. Then we went looking for a wrap and Me, Mom, and Levi all got tats! Mine is a 4 left clover on the bottom part of my stomach! I like it, that is what i wanted anyways.. but it had a little more to it (the real one i wanted). We got into the car and headed back to the hotel, can i tell you how hard it is for you to ride in a car when you have a henna on the bottom part of your stomach, cause your not suppose to lie squish it together or let it touch anything, yeah its hard! well back at the hotel we started to pull everything out to get all packed up for the trip tomorrow, mom wants to be out of here by 8ish! Ah, not looking forward to it. I dont wanna leave, all though my bed and no bug bites sounds nice. After packing almost everything thing, we were all hungry for dinner. So we decided to walk down to our favorite restraunt, Agua Azul. I ordered the Filet, oh and man was that good. I usually dont order a bit meal when we go out to eat, cause i want something light, but i was starving. I couldn't even finish the whole thing cause it was huge! Oh this guy that was sitting kind behind me, he was soooo cute! Black, extremley clean cut, diamond studs, and this watch he had; it had to of been like 20thousand atleast. Rolex Presidental thing with diamonds everywhere on it and bling blingin.. He had the hottest face, and the prettiest eyes. Dark eyes with long long eye lashes, awwweee dreamy, haha.. anyways after dinner we walked back to the hotel where i got into the shower after putting the last thing into the suit case. Now i am just sittin here in bed, not tired enough to sleep yet, but i needed write about today cause i dont know if i will get internet at hampton inn tomorrow. i hope so, cause i hate using their free computers down stairs. They have the wierdest keyboards here! not going to lie!! but anyways, i probably wont be back on till i arrive home on late tuesday night.. so nighty nighty y'all and talk to you all soon!! I cant believe my awesome vacation is over :( back to reality!

Day 13!

Spa Day!

This was a day i was looking forward too! I was going to be pampered and totally relaxed for 2 whole hours, yay! I was getting a wrap treatment and then an hour long massage. I was beyond excited! So when we got to the spa they had us take off our shoes outside and put them in what they called the wood house. After that they told us who our massage people were and lead us down the stairs, where this tribal type music was playing. Not going to lie, it was extremely wierd and kinda annoying. After i was laying down she put this oily gritty stuff on me, i thought it was suppose to be mud? oh well. then i got wrapped up in a plastic and a foil blanket, it got so freakin hot! but it sure felt good. Then she started doing this facial, man did some of that stuff really stink and some of it really kinda burned. Then she put this hot towel on my face and forgot to leave me a hole to vent, i thought i was going to die. My hands were all wrapped up and i couldnt do anything. I was afraid to try and shake it off cause all of this stuff on my face, i didn't want it to go into my eyes. so i sat there until the lady came back and realized that she forgot to leave me a while and fixed it, thank goodness i was saved. haha. anyways she started to take out my hair and put all the oily gritty stuff all over in my hair. So i was sure hoping they were going to have a shower and let me get it out! That would sure be nasty if they didn't. Thankgoodness after the wrap treatment she lead me to the bathroom and had the shower read for me. After trying forever to get that gunk out of my hair i gave up, i knew i had better shampoo at the hotel. So i combed out my hair and i went back to the room. Now i was ready for my relaxing massage, and that it was! It felt so good and i sure didn't want it to end! I actually fell asleep till she told me to roll over, haha. She laughed cause when she woke me i kinda was startled alittle and i jumped a tad bit. After the spa was all over me and mom started to walk back to the hotel, it wasn't a long distance. We were starving so we decided to stop for some nachos at agua azul, the place that has the best pina coladas in town! As we were finishing up it started to rain, rain isn't a good word for it, it started to pour and it was coming down fast! Mom wasn't happy, but i love the rain! Just then Dad and Levi to get mom, cause she had another appointment with that doctor person. Levi decided that he would stay home, he didn't care to sit outside in the rain while mom was getting her treatment. Me and Levi decided to walk home, since the rain had let up just a little bit. On the way back we past Cafe Milagro, they have really good carrott cake. I decided to get a piece to go. The whole 5 minutes that we were in there and walked back out, it was horrible outside. It was pouring so hard and we still had a little ways back to the hotel, so we walked and we walked fast. I was dripping with water by the time that we had gotten back to the hotel, it was crazy how wet i got in like 10 minutes. I got into the shower to get the rest of that gritty stuff out of my hair and then i sat down with levi to watch some tv. Not long after mom and dad came through the door and mom was sick. She is always sick, its hard. So we just stayed around in the hotel. Around 7 we decided to go out for a light dinner and a pina colada, Agua Azul for the second time that day, haha. I told the waiter to order me something good. He came out with something that looked like a pina colada but it didn't taste like it. It was called Guavanana or something, but it was so good! Well it was back to the hotel and i couldn't sleep, i was in for a long life and i could tell. I was up half the night tossing and turning, but finally got to sleep and was woke up early to the loud noise outside my window, and for once it wasn't my dad, haha. Well nighty night y'all, hoping tomorrow isn't going to be a rainy day. i wanna go to the beach :) again

Day 12!

So today was an extreme lazy day! I mean extremely lazy day! None of us really felt like doing anything so we slept in late, then ate peanut butter pancakes, how i love my peanut butter pancakes. After that we just kinda stayed around the hotel and watched a movie and read a little. Then 1 o'clock came around we decided that we would go get Juancho from the pier and hang out with him. Mom had wanted to find this doctor down here to do acupuntura, or how ever you spell it.. One of the local ladies that she got talking with recommended it to her. So once we meet up with Juancho, we ate lunch. I had the best chicken fingers ever! The sauce that came with it was amazing! it was like a honey mustard something, yummy! We walked around looking for this doctors office, totally got lost. Thank goodness that we had Juancho with us, or we would of been totally goners. He spoke with some people and we finally came across the place, no wonder we couldn't find it; it had no signs what so ever. It was just a regular house with nothing to say that it was a doctors office, i'm not even sure you could consider it an office. It was two rooms in an apartment of his house that he used to do the treatment. So 3o mintues later she was done and we decided to come back to the hotel, Juancho wanted to watch a movie. He doesn't get to watch very many movies down here in costa rica. All the local theaters are atleast an hour away, man i couldn't handle that. I love going to the movies on the weekends! So my family watched Felon, I was more into my book. I was almost done with it, and when i get hooked on a book well all i want to do is read it. I have read so many books while i am down here, which is not like me. I hardly have time for books, and here i am on vacation and i have read 5 books so far and i am going to start my other book soon. It was time for Juancho to go home, so Levi and Dad drove him to his house while me and mom stayed at the house and cleaned up a bit. Then it was off to bed. Nighty night y'all!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 11, Wow!!

I still cant believe that I am 11 days into my vacation, I feel like I haven't been here that long..
Todays adventures
  • Breakfast
  • Searching for a spa
  • Bakery
  • Beach
  • Dinner
  • Dessert & Pina Coladas
  • Running
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Movie

So yet again, I was woke up because of my Dad. He is SO loud when he talked, almost as if he is yelling to someone who is across a football field or something. Drives me bonkers, I can tell you that! I brushed my teeth and then went out to help cook breakfast, man i love french toast.. Again, we had my favorite breakfast of all time; French Toast with peanut butter and syrup, the only way to do it! After breakfast I found a seat on my bed, I really was exhausted for some reason.. I turned on the tv, they only have like 4 channels of english I found myself watching MTV It was the MTV awards or somethings, but I got to see the preview for Twilight: New Moon...AHHHHHH!!! I dont think I can tell you how excited I am for that to come out in November! I will be one of those crazy people who gets my ticket super early and then waits in a line for like 3 hours to get good seats, yeah I know crazy in love! So then the family the family was ready to go into Quepos. I have been wanting to get a spa treatment with Rainforest Clay or Volcanic Mud really bad while I was down here, so me and my mom went in search for a spa today. We walked into one and they wante $120 just for the mud wrap and $90 for the massage part of it, and then get this you have to pay an extra $50 for the shower that ususally comes with the mud wrap.. Ridiculouse I tell you, its horrible. So i am still in search for a spa! After that we came back to the hotel and dropped off the car and rode the bus to the beach, man i love the beach. Dad had an interesting offer at the beach today though.. While levi was out playing in the water on his boogie board, me and mom had decided to go find this top she wanted. Well my dad was sitting there on the towel when this young like 21 year old kid walks up to him, asks him if he wants to buy a water or fresca. Dad says "No thanks, Got one." Then the kid was like "I got cocaine, its good." Dad was like "I bet it is, but i dont do that shit." The kid was like "Oh come on, its really good, makes you happy." Dad then tells the kid "Look go away, I am not going to buy your shit!!" I was laughing really hard when he told me. So we left the beach around like 5ish and road the bus back to the hotel, I was getting into the shower and dad was hungry so he decided to start pulling this out to make dinner.. Oh great is all I could think, Dad's cooking. He is good at breakfast, but any anything else; well that is a different story... So when I was told dinner was ready I sat down too; Spagetti, Fish, Celery Sticks, Garlic Bread, Shrimp & Lobster, Beats, and Fruit.. Odd?? That was my exact thoughts. Levi made the Garlic bread, and man that was delicious! Dad way over cooked the Shrimp and Lobster, it was like rubber and tough, and well down right disgusting. After dinner i layed down for a second, had to process everything I just ate.. Mom did some laundry, I love the smell of clean clothes with lots of frabic softener. So when 8 o'clock hit, Levi and Dad were ready for some sweets.. We had eaten all of Levi's cake and so we had to go out for something.. We walked down the street to Agua Azul! Best place in Manuel Antonio for Pina Colada, Daquiris, and Desserts. I had a Strawberry Daquiri while Levi had a Pina Colada and Dad had his glass of wine. Dessert choice time came, it was between the Key Lime Pie and the Chocolate Brownie Sunday, and the winner is Key Lime Pie. Levi took one bit, and the funniest face came across him.. He was Not expecting it to be sour, well what is lime?? It was hilarious! So he sweet talked dad into getting a brownie, and of course he always gets his way. So here I am stuffed with my Key Lime Pie and he is making me eat some of this Brownie, i thought i was going to just roll over and die there on the ground.. I was Stuffed to the Brim! On our way back I was in a random mood, I wanted to RUN! yeah, run? Running for Kenzie doesn't come that often, haha. I made it like 3/4 of the way and I was dead, but lil man just kept pushing me along. I got to the last flight of stairs in our hotel and I almost dropped there, but defeat doesn't come often for Kenzie. Oh no, these stairs were not going to kill me! I would make it too the top, and still have energy to go! NOT! I died, in my bed, had the fan going, then I had to pee.. man, getting on my feet, so not okay. So now I sit, Writting my day away. I am going to draw a picture that I took today and then see if anyone is up for a movie, family tradition on trips.. Movie before Bed! Love it! anyways, i'll tell ya what happens for tomorrow, as for now... nighty night y'all! Have a sunny side up day!!

Day 9&10 Pictures

::Dominical Waterfall::
::Costa Rican Cows::

::Flowers at the Marina::

Day 10

I was woke up this morning to the clancking sounds of pots and pans, levi and dad had decided to make breakfast and this is always a loud effort. We had so much food to eat, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. It sure was good though, levi makes awesome hashbrowns! He is really good at cooking, any girl will be lucky with him! So at breakfast we decided to go down to Jaco today. Jaco is a town that use to be super small, but now is growing faster than anything. It use to be just a surfer town, now it has five star resorts and high rises there. I cant believe it is the same place that is use to be when we would come so many years ago. We drove down to the beach and watched the surfers for a while and then decided to go over to their marina. The marina is located in a resort called "Los Suenos". This resort is actually more like a good size village, including golf coarses and lots of gated communities in it. It is absolutely beautiful! Down on the marina pier we walked around. They have all of these shops that we went into, they were of course like so expensive. We decided to eat in a sushi and asain restraunt for lunch, it wasn't badly priced and it was very good. The salad kinda had a citrus taste to it, but the waiter told me that it didn't contain any orange in it. I am allergic to orange citrus, so i had to make sure. I had sushi and then i ate some of levi's chicken. It was really good, on the way home though i got all shaky and extremely light headed. We had decided to stop in a town called Paritta and look at some of the shops, in one of the shops i actually got so light headed that i had to sit down on the floor cause i was going to fall over. That was it for me, i knew i was sick and i needed to lay down and i needed to get my allergy medication in me or something fierce. When my mom saw how white i was she knew something was wrong, so we got in the car and drove back to the hotel. I didn't even make it twenty minutes before i throwing my guts up and i didn't stop for a while. It was horrible but i had to get that stuff out of my system. Mom drove fast back to the hotel, just in time to get me to the medication and i decided i need to sit in a cold tub to take me heat from my body down. I layed down after a while and fell fast asleep. When i woke up it was already dark outside, but i was hungry and craving something sweet. I wanted a freakin pina colada, haha. Me and Levi decided to walk down the road a little ways, and then when we were about out the door Dad wanted to come at the last minute. So we went down to the restraunt and had a pina colada and nachos, odd combination but it so hit the spot! After that i was so ready for bed, i crashed the second that i hit my pillow. night night y'all. I took lots of pictures and i am going to post them seperate then the writting.

Day 9!

San Isidro today! i love going up to that city, they have awesome shops and the best bakerys. after the long drive on the horrible dirt road and the drive up the long windy hill side we made it to San Isidro, only to have every shop closed because it was sunday. i was so sad, after that long trip and pretty much getting car sick, everything just had to be closed. so we decided to go to mcdonalds and get french fries and fruit parfea things.. there mcdonalds is so much better than the ones back in america. so after that we drove around for a bit looking for something that was open, we came across a few store that weren't worth our time and the best bakery in the city was open! Yay! so we spent some time picking out some things before getting back on the road. we stopped in domicial and had some lunch. we picked a restraunt that we had been to before, we always just got typical tico food but i wanted a salad. i wish now that i would have just gone with what i use to have because the salad well was horrible, it nasted old and nasty. we got on the road after the site of andres twice, luckily we never made vocal contact with him. i was thankful for that. we made our way back home and then had a big bowl of cereal for dinner. night night...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Photos :D

::Beach Photos::
This is the super cute new tank top i bought! love it!

Day 8

I woke up to the smell of french toast, oh my favorite. After breakfast mom wanted to go down to one of the local beauty salons and get a pedicure, i wasn't in the mood to sit in the salon while she got them done so i stayed at the house. I decided that it was a good time to start my new book, wrongly accused. I was excited, next thing i know i am so involved into the book and it was already noon, i had read almost half of the book, and man was i hungry. Right then the family walked through the door and wanted to go down to this italian place in town that we had been told to go to. so we loaded up and headed down to the restraunt, as we sat down i could't help but smell the delicious aroma that surrounded us.. i couldn't wait, it smelt soooo good! me and dad ordered the lasana and mom got pesto and levi got his normal, noodles and butter with cheese of course. the lasana wasn't that great, the meat had a weird taste to it. I ended up eating some of levi's and some of mom's while dad finished off my half. After lunch we decided to walk around to some local shops; i got a cute yellow tank top and board shorts at this roxy/billabong kinda place, two jewlery boxes at another little store, and just walked around a bunch looking at other things. i forgot to get extra money or i would have bought these really cute bright yellow shoes. I was in this store and my mom wanted me to try on these pants, even though i didn't have money at the time. well my dad walked in as i was showing mom and he liked them alot, so he decided that he wanted to get them for me; i love my dad :) As we were walking back to the car we found this frog on a window well, it looks so different that i just had to get a picture. You know me, the camera fanatic. We decided to head up to the hotel, and of course we get stuck behind a scooter. I swear lately everytime we go up the hill to our hotel we get stuck behind a scooter or a dump truck, it sucks cause the hills are really steap and so its hard to drive the car behind something that is going sooooooo slow. when we got to the hotel, finally, we were all exhausted. My brother had gotten a cake and so he decided to make it, i love the smell of cake cooking. we had dinner and then i got into the shower. i love the shower here. it has 3 nozzles, and so it hits my back while it hits my head, its awesome! we all decided on tokyo drift as the movie for the evening and then we were off to bed! night y'all.

pictures from the snorkeling trip!

The Gang!

Me and Levi!

Me and Juancho!

Levi, Me, and Juancho!



Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 7

Beach Day!

it was a perfect day to spend at the beach. so the family took the bus down to manuel antonio beach, the bus trip is such an adventure haha.. we just walked around looking at some of the litte shops for a while and then we just enjoyed the sun, soakin it up! i love the beach. after the beach we came back and got ready to go to the friday farmers market. its really cool, tons of local farmers gather on this open dirt lot in the middle of town and bring tons and tons of fresh fruit and vegtables. we got the best fruit ever, they are these red/orange pooky balls that have a white thing inside. if you take the peel off the grape and it has just that white thing left over, that is what the inside of this fruit looks like. it look odd, for sure; but it is seriously so good! not long after we had gotten a few things it started to rain, and when it rains in costa rica it pours. it was coming down so hard on the way back to the hotel we couldn't keep the rain off the windshield long enough to see through a wave of water. for dinner we breaded up some fish and had the best fish that i have had in a long time; but of course i was more interested in the celery and carrots...dumb cravings haha.. oh we found the coolest thing lime squeezer today at the market. it looks like one of those things that you put an onion or egg in too slice, but it squeezes all the juice out of the lime without making it go into your eyes. its awesome!! we love it, especially since we love our lime juice, haha. well we are watching forever young as a family, freakin awesome movie!! watch it! i'll put up pictures later that i took out at the beach today, i cant find my cord at the moment. alright peace out y'all! nighty nighty

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 6

Snorkeling Tour!

This is the day that i have been waiting for, i love snorkeling so so so much! well the day started off when the sun was blaring through my windows, cause i forgot to shut the curtain the night before.. hello to an extremely early morning.. 6:30 kinda early, that is so not ok for vacation. After a big bowl of honey nut cheerios, the family got all ready to go.. swimmers, sunglasses, and packs; we were ready for our adventure! once we got to the pier we had to sit there for a good 20 mins while we waited for a couple more people that were coming on the tour with us, well 15 people to be exact... yeah all in one group too, big group takes time i guess.. after that we were ready.. as we walked down the covered path to the dock, my family got really excited to see Juancho. no one told him that we were coming on the tour today and so it was a complete suprise to him that we were even in costa rica. as i walked off the thing and lifted my sunglasses, his face just dropped. it was hilarious! he honestly didn't believe it was me, well i haven't seen him in over 2 years either, changed just a little bit since then.

Day 4&5

Day 4...
I experience my very first massage today, by a massage therapist that is. I am definently hooked on them, they freakin relax you so much. After that i just really enjoyed the down time we had at the hotel. Spending most of the time i had outside in the sun, soaking it up that is for sure. Once my parents returned from their massages (since i was the first to go) me and dad fixed dinner.. shrimp and noodles, even though mom and levi dont like them; me and dad enjoyed shrimp that were huge! seriously huge! They were so delicious though, one thing that is for sure, i will be getting more of those before i leave!!! yummy! I sat outside as the sun was going down. I have really enjoyed having the porch we have at the hotel, its awesome!

Day 5...
There wasn't anything really special about today. We decided to go into town and get some thread that my mom needed at a local store, then we went to the pier as we waited for one of our friends to get off from his job. Juancho, is our very good friend that my parents met while they came here in '96. We have stayed extremely good friends ever since.. well after waiting on the pier for about 30 mins all the guys from his boat came up the walk way to where we were, but there was no Juancho.. where was he? I started talking to one of his friends, Christopher is his name. Juancho had the day off today, haha just our luck huh? We stayed a while though and talked to Christopher. I got invited to go and watch the USA VS. COSTA RICA at one of the local places, haha and then he asked my family if we all wanted to go... As soon as we got into the car my whole family kept making fun of me, saying i had a date. I thought it was funny, but i had no intentsions of going. It was just a fun relaxing day, not too busy busy.. I couldn't wait for tomorrow though, we were going snorkeling!! My favorite

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 3

i woke up today and said, i cant believe it is already June.
this year has just gone by so fast.
as is was sitting on a chair is morning looking out over the jungle and the sea i just had to take a picture or two.. it is so beautiful here. i cant believe how different it is from home. everything is so green and fresh and lively..
so today we had decided to take some of the sheets, scrubs, and lab coats that we had brough with us to the local visiting home that is just outside of town.. my parents had been there before, but this was my first time. as i walked in and saw this facility my heart just broke. the people who run it get absolutely no help from the goverment to take care of these people who are in such need of constant care. as we were giving them the gifts that we brought, it is amazing to see how much the appreciate the kindness of such a simple thing. they are in such need of something we take for grant. things that cost hardly pennies to us, are so hard for them to afford. it is amazing the feeling you get when you are able to see the faces of the people who are in such need of help. it really makes me gratful for the family that i have, and the hearts that they posses. i am extremely grateful for everything i have. after that we went to the local grocery store to get
some food for the house and then to the bakery. ah the bakery, i sure do love that place :)
off to the house for lunch and so down time.. i took some time to spend it down by the pool and then took a extremely relaxing bubble bath, oh did that feel good!
so i am just sitting here as the sun is setting on the porch of the house. it is so beautiful out here. i love the weather, but wish the darn bugs would go away and stop bitting me.. i could 17 bug bits so far on my legs, darn bugs.. just love the taste of my skin..well off for the night, going to eat some shrimp and dinner :)

Cost Rica Trip 2009..

So i'm getting started on my Costa Rica Journal a little late but here it is..
Day 1&2!
our adventure is official started! we left good ol' utah and are headed for the wonderful area of costa rica :) i couldn't wait.. with everything packed up, and ready to go we were off.
Day 1's intell
  • Levi driving to vegas.. i dont know what was worse, the winds or dad yelling in my ear the whole time.. i thought i had it in bad when i started to drive with my dad and mom, well i feel bad for lil buddy. man, i am glad that i am not him.. driving with my dad is well, i dont know how to put this... think of heavy metal screamo at full blast ringing in your ears, and as much as you want to turn it off, the off button is stuck cause of old age. haha yeah, it is no fun!
  • After long security line, we have to do it all again... so we finally arrived at the Las Vegas Airport, got all our baggage checked in, waited in the long security check point line, only to find out we had been given the wrong tickets, and we had to do it all again.. so dad and levi went down and got the tickets and we waited in the long line for what seemed like eternity. so now we wait, and wait, oh yeah and wait some more.. since dad forgot that vegas is one hour behind utah.. excuses excuses,, he used his old age.
  • 2:45 flight to Houston, Texas.. No Sleep, Now 23 Hours.. so i got the horrible end of the deal on this one.. levi sat in the middle next to some random guy. he fell asleep on me, of course.. so i couldn't sleep.. yay for a all nighter!
  • Houston Airport, haha this was comical! there was 8 teenage boys from the same flight we were on that were on our flight to Costa Rica. so all of them crashed on the floor and so did the 4 of us, until we were woken up by the speaker saying it was time to board our flight. so that checks off my sleeping in an airport.. just something on my list of things to do.
  • Chelsey, the student that got the oppurtunity to study aboard. so i sat next to this girl named chelsey. kansas state junior. pre med. coming to costa rica for 9 weeks to finish her spanish minor, and get to experience costa rica.. what an oppurtunity. we talked for most of the plane ride till we both crashed. couldn't believe the stories that we shared about life. amazing when you meet someone who really is interested in knowing what it is like to meet someone that lives in a different place and whats to know all about it.
  • Arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica. after spending forever getting the car.. which was this ugly blue mini van, and off the wall crazy costa rica traffic. we were on our way to manuel antonio. the drive was nice till we got to the bridge.. the bridge is scary.. just imagine a one way metal bridge that consits of metal and wooden planks as the only was across to the other side.. and that isn't even the scary part.. after waited 30 mins to cross.. cars were dodging out of nowhere, huge coke trucks and everything else dodging for spots to get across in the front.. we were so close to the people next to us that i could roll down my window and be face to face with the driver next to me.. i thought we were going to be ran over for sure. but luckily mom got pissed off enough to just take it and go!
  • Sleep. Hotel. Yay. first after we got everything in the room we went for dinner. our favorite place had turned horrible, no more craving that food forsure!

Day 2!

  • Sleeping in... and sleeping some more.. the day started late.. but oh well.
  • shower! the shower is so big in here, it is even bigger than my shower at home.. i swear you could fit like 20 people in there. or like 4 twin beds.. it is that big! and water squirts everywhere at you. i kinda felt that i was at a water park with lots of little kids and squirt guns.. definetly going to use the nice bath tub from now on.
  • beach food. so we found this little restraunt at the beach.. wow is that food good! we are for sure going back. again, and again, and again.
  • beach treasures, we walked around and found this guy that was hand painting shirt. they were so cute. we bought 4 of them. for little kids we love to spoil rotten!!
  • back to the house to relax.. i sat down and started reading my new book.. its called lockdown, wow is this book intense.. i sat down and read 100 pages in one sitting, saying alot for mckenzie and a book.
  • dinner :) good ol' tico food. rice, bean, tortilla, and chicken! the best!
  • off to bed! night night