Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let Spring Begin

Let me share something with you, I love spring. I love spring because of the weather; it’s warmer, it’s sunnier, the flowers begin to bloom, the outdoors is perfect to just enjoy the sunshine. I love spring because of the clothing; it’s lighter and brighter. I love spring because it’s truly a start to a new year, a new beginning, and it means a new and fun fashion trend. Yep, I will admit it, I love spring fashion.!


I am loving the colors that will be popping up this spring; Soft Blue, Violet, Mint, Soft Grey, Sandy Beige, Bright Yellow, Coral, Orange, Radiant Purple, and Bright Blue. Yeah Pantone has different names for these colors, but in all honestly, these are what we will be calling them. Aren’t I right?

Plus, have you seen the adorable and not so adorable trends for this spring..? Well, here are the projected Top Ten Trends for Spring 2014: Pretty Pastels, Boxy Cropped Jackets, Contrast-Collar Button-Downs, Wide-Leg Trousers, Cool Bomber Jackets, Tea Length Skirts, Sweater Dressing, Tuxedo Meets Athletic Striped Trousers, Shift Blouse, Collarless Coats. 

What do you think about the Spring Fashion of 2014?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Lil Egg-cited.

Last night, some friends and I were having beers after my serving shift. We got on the subject of Easter, mostly because we are trying to plan a Vegas trip in April. Anyways,, while they are going on about Vegas, my mind was stuck on Easter. Yep, that’s me, the kid at heart. I was day dreaming about eggs, bunnies and chocolate candies. So, what did I immediately do when I got home; searched Easter on Pinterest of course. Look how adorable these decorated eggs are! Alright, I am excited for Easter to come now.! 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Life Lately

Life is a whirlwind. Life is busy. Life goes by in a blink of an eye. Life is crazy. Life is beautiful. Life is Life and sometimes there isn’t anything we can do about the odds that land in our favor. Life for me lately, has been a roller coaster. I don’t exactly know how to explain it. Sure, I have been busy working two jobs. On my nights off, I usually spend it either relaxing or with friends. Then I finally got an entire weekend off, Saturday and Sunday, which helped collect my thoughts, since I am just seemed a little off lately.

I have been doing my very best to eat clean this week and stay to my guidelines of clean eating, but I had to splurge of couple of days because I had a severe craving for doughnuts. Not just any doughnut though, I wanted a Fractured Prune Doughnut. And with the picture above, you can see why I would crave them. Freshly Made Hot Doughnuts, Need I say more.. Oooh wait,, French Toast, Cinnamon Caramel, and Black Forest, those were the flavors I had. Yep, 3 of them. So worth, eating almost all of my daily calories just at breakfast.

Southern Utah is finally starting to warm up a bit and so that mean I finally can go out and enjoy the scenery. Which, I am sure you will get sick of here in a little while. I like to spend my days off out exploring until Lake Season is at my toes. Here is one of the adventures a couple of friends and I did on Saturday. It’s in the Red Desert Reserve and the hike we conquered is called Red Reef. If you live in the Southern Utah area, near by, or visit at some point, you need to check out this gorgeous place!

I also had Sunday off this weekend and I spent a huge majority of the day with my bestie. We went out to breakfast (Yes, I caved to my French Toast obsession and had a slice), did my laundry cause it was two week overdue, and took a little road trip to Hurricane for 7/11 Slurpee’s. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this… #SlurpeeNation #SlurpeeSunday. Sunday night, a friend asked if I wanted to go on a hike, of course I was down. Hiking with a cute boy, count me in. So, he and I, with a couple of his friends decided to go hiking in Snow Canyon. I love the White Rocks hike for some reason, I guess it’s because I used to do it all the time as a kid and I just find peace in going there.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Children's Museum

St. George has this wonderful little place called the St. George Children’s Museum. It is solely ran off of the donations from the public, so that the children of the community have a place to go and learn. It is quite the fun little place for kids of all ages to go in and explore. I took Brie to the SGCM yesterday and she has so much fun. The SGCM has a bunch of different themed rooms where the children can play with the exhibits; the house and farm had to by far be her favorite exhibit, next to the bubble machines of course. The farm exhibit has a cow that you can learn to milk. Yes, you just read that right, you learn to milk a cow. She was so funny when she pulled on the udders and water came squirting out, she had so much fun learning and exploring all over though. If you’re in the St. George area make sure to take some time and check out the St. George Children’s Museum by clicking here.