Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life in the Sunshine Debut..

New Blog Debut

Thank you to TinkerB Designs

Welcome too
Life in the Sunshine

This formally was just another blog on another webpage,
But my life has been going through so many changes.
I only see fit that I start with a fresh little space of my own.
Now I have been going back and forth, and putting a lot of thought into what I wanted to name the new blog. What is better than the thing I love best though, other than new clothes, shoes, ice cream and raspberry lime aides; Sunshine of course.
Growing up in Dixie (St. George, UT) my entire life has been built around this beautiful scenery and the beautiful sunshine filled days that we have here so often. I love nothing more than to be outside with my sunglasses on, enjoying a summer’s day. So that was it, I enjoy the life I live in the sunshine; and want you to be apart of it. So again, Welcome to Life in the Sunshine. I hope that you take a look around the new blog, read a few things, leave some love, and lets button swap. I sure would love to be shared around the blogging world. I hope you enjoy.

Much Love, Kenzie.

From Deep WIthin

Writing has always been a great outlet for me, and when I started blogging I never realized how much I would be able to tell personal stories and struggles. I am one of the people who keep a lot of things bottled up, and I struggle with my emotions due to personal family issues. I never feel like it is a good time to let all the things I am feeling and going through surface, so things tend to build and then they tend to explode. This is how life has been for me for a long time now, and I never truly could see how it affected me physically.
This past December I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. All of the constant ups and downs of my emotions are something I have dealt with for a few years now. I just never felt like they affected my life, honestly I thought they were normal. Then the panic attacks and the constant worry and anxiety over everything started occurring on a regular basis. I never wanted to admit to myself that I was dealing with these issues, honestly I though I was a “crazy” person for going through all of this. Then I finally admitted to myself, with the help of an old co-worker that I need to talk to someone about it.
This is when life changed for me, and in a big way. My long time boyfriend and I broke up after being together for 3 years. I started to realize then how much of a toll my Depression was taking on our relationship. It was then that I made a decision; I absolutely have to get help for myself. I need to be healthy and I need to make sure that I am in control of my body.
After getting some treatment and constantly writing about my feelings, as well as being more open to talk about them I feel like my life has come to a better place. Now I am not saying that I have made a full recovery or anything, cause I still have along way to go. Depression is a deep issue, and I have only begun to peel back the layers of what is going on. I do feel though that I have a better control on my anxiety, I can now understand what my body needs in order to calm itself down. I am pretty proud of myself for the progress I have made.
Blogging is such a great way to keep my mind occupied and it is such a helpful source to find inspiration. I truly have enjoyed becoming more involved in the blogging world and it has helped me so much with this progress. Blogging isn’t just something to do anymore, but it is something I look forward to and I enjoy planning what I am going to post about next.
I know there are a lot of people out there that are struggling with depression and anxiety; well I am here to tell you. It does get better; find it in yourself to seek treatment. Grab a journal and start to write everything your feeling down, it helped me and I bet it can help you too.
Well if you made it to the end of this long post, you’re a great friend. Thank you for letting me vent a little and write a personal story down for you.

Much love, Kenzie.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Honestly I usually just read all the blog updates through my dashboard, call it lazy or old fashion or whatever you wish. I call it easy, but honestly Bloglovin is going to make following all my favorite blogs so easy. Especially since I can do it straight from my phone. I love that! So now you can follow me, and enjoy the easiness of following all your favorite blogs with Bloglovin.

much love, kenzie

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Words of Wisdom

“In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.”- Dali Lama

I believe this quote can touch us all in so many ways. I know that none of us are near perfection; but we all try to achieve what we believe to be perfection. We all have situations in life where we are left with decisions that are hard to make. Dealing with them the best we can is all we are left with. I always try to remind myself to not let the past become a part of the current situation at hand, it brings up so many old feelings and we become confused. We start overwhelming ourselves with feelings that are suppose to have been taken care of and laid to rest. It is a hard thing to do, but I believe we can be happy and move on to enjoy life, when we start to leave the past in the past. Perfection may not be achievable, but a perfect happy state of mind is. Happiness is always up to you. You create your own happiness. A happy ending depends on where you stop the story.

Well I don't know why my button isn't appearing.
So no button this week.

Much Love.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Having a lot of events happen over the weekend is so NOT like me. I am usually a homebody and only venture out one day/night of the weekend. This weekend, I had something to do every single day and night. Surprise, I know! I had a blast though!! And I took so many pictures, so get ready for pic overload. Here is to my fun filled weekend. Love making memories.
I was going to blog this yesterday, but I honestly had the worst day ever. I was so not in the mood to do anything after work but lay in bed and just watch a movie. So here I am doing this on Tuesday, oh well. I didn't wanna miss it, I had so much fun this weekend I just had to share.

A - Friday: Lunch from Frost Top. I love this place! There is nothing better than a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Fries with Fry Sauce of course, and a Lime Glacier! Some of the Girls at the Cleaners experienced Frost Top for the first time. Dad, on the other hand had forgot how amazing there fries were. He attempted to eat all of the fries that we got to share. Naughty Boy.
B - Saturday morning before I had to be to work, I stopped bySwig. I even left a whole 20 mins early so that I knew I would have enough time to get through the massive line that is always there. When I came down the hill to pull in, to my surprise there was no line. What the Heck! Never has this happened. I was so excited to get my Raspberry Limeade with Extra Limes.
C - Saturday night Levi and I went down on a Sibling Date to Katherine's in Mesquite. Ooh how I love this place. I talked about it last weekend when Kati and I had a Mesquite Getaway on a Thursday. It was delicious of course, like it always is. I even tried Creme Brûlée for the very first time, I cant believe I have never had it before. I have been missing out for sure.!
D - Sunday Morning. Kati, Wyatt ( kati's little bro ), and I went to Breakfast at Bear Paw for Breakfast. I had their French Toast with Strawberries and Whipped Creme. To Die For! Then we went hiking in Snow Canyon for most of the afternoon. It was a beautiful day. Couldn't resist being outside in the sunshine.
E - Sunday Night. Dad, Mom, and I went out to dinner. This was my outfit. I loved it. Love my new Boots. I try to put them with any outfit I can. I waited so long to buy them, I wanna wear them as much as possible before it get way to hot to even look at them.
F - So while at dinner Mom and I attempted this stupid game. Out of all the times I tried I only succeeded once. Yeah Once. This game and I have a much love hate relationship. Its good for the mind though, so they say. I always remember playing this growing up.

till next time. 
much love

p.s. isn't my new design adorable?
thanks to My Dear Friend Mikell at Love & Such
For helping me out with it.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

.So I have this idea.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

We always need that inspiration
Especially in the middle slump of the week
So it hits me.. Words of Wisdom
Whether they be


Lets do words that will lighten our week;
keep us going to the weekend.

So grab the button, or link up..
Just remember
These are your Words of Wisdom
Whatever they may be.. Let them out!


This weeks are from

No matter how hopeless or bleak things appear, the moment always comes when suddenly our spirts revives, and hope is reborn. That is why we must never give up.

No matter what may have happened yesterday, a new day of fresh possibility has dawned. You are not the same person today as you were.

Only when you throughly polish your life does you true self become manifest, and the diamond-like billiance of your individuality shine forth from the depths of your being.

Truly strong people are not arrogant. Cowardice on the other hand causes arrogance. Cowards hide behind their own power and authority.

Our real strength lies in our capacity for empathy with others and the actions we take on their behalf.

On a lighter note.
If you love
White Chocolate Mocha
I had the best one I have consumed in my life.
The morning girl at Starbucks
Sunset Corner
Is Ahh-Mazzzing!
Seriously Amazing!

Enjoy All!
Happy Wednesday :)
xoxo Kenzie

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Morning Frustration

I can't be the only one who is has happened too.
I know I am not the only one.
The question is..
Does this frustrate you as much as it frustrates me?

This morning I was happily driving down SR18
listening to my new favorite album

You have to buy the whole CD it's simply AMAZING!

When this jackass from behind pulls up to my side..
and just stays there.!
To make it worse, 
there is a horse trailer in front of me.
I am boxed in.!
I wanna scream.
Then they go 5 mph under.
At this point I am screaming in my head.
You Stupid Idiot,

Obviously these aren't the cars, I didn't want to take a picture while driving.

Finally he decides to be nice,
he speed and pulled in front of the trailer.

Then he has the guts to flip me off.
FYI I was not even riding his bumper or anything..
I was just screaming in my head..
Ok, I may or may not have thrown my hands toward the windshield. 
Only when they slowed down to under the speed limit.

I wanna hear from you,
Does this happen to you?
Doesn't it make you so mad?
Or am I just a wierdo?
Please don't say I am the only one!

xoxo Kenzie.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday!

Monday after day light savings.
its always a fun one

This is my first Weekend Shenanigans link up with Sami!
So here it goes,,


It was a beautiful rainy day
Little Miss Ashlynne was catching rain drops in the mop bucket at work.
She is hilarious.
She would walk around, stick her finger in the water and give you a rain drop.
Ooh how I love this little stinker!

I went with Levi to sign paperwork for his new toy.
Thats right he spoiled himself with a brand-new, just out of the box, sports bike.
I do have to say,, I kind am worried.
He sure is proud of it.

By the way this pic was taken today cause he had to wait to pick it up till today, 
since it was in a box on Saturday.

Of course I made him take me out to lunch and get ice cream afterwards.
We went to Buca again,
yes I know we just had it the night before.
But it is so good,
plus I wanted to try their pizza this time.
And have one of their drinks.
Buca Bella.

Ice cream was from IceBerg. 
Not my favor,
but it did the job.
I dont know how anyone can eat this whole thing by themselves,
Its even a mini.

The family I babysit for needed some help in the morning.
Stephanie ( mom ) went up north to visit her brother
 Matt ( dad ) had a lesson to teach in sunday school
Hallie ( oldest ) was teaching too
Tayson, well we couldn't leave Brie with him
Disaster would occur.
So I stayed home with Brie
We watched, 
Good Luck Charlie
and Elmo
Had Lucky Charms
on the marshmallow of course
Peaches 'n' Cream Oatmeal
Played and Snuggled.

Once everyone was home, 
Matt insisted I stay for Ribs.
Twist my Arm Matt,
Of course i'll stay for ribs.

Once I was home, 
the rest of the day consisted of

Eventful I know, don't have to tell me.

But while I was browsing Pinterest,
I came across this and laughed so hard
Love it!

Thats it for the weekend.!

xoxo Kenzie

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dinner Date

Have any of you eaten here?
Well my brother Levi took me here for the first time on Friday night.
I loved it, to say the least..

They serve anything family style.
Which I think is awesome.
Honestly, you get so much food for the price.

This is the pasta after we had our first and second helpings.
Penne in a white wine cream sauce with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and peas.
Ahh-mazzinng... Seriously Delicious!

xoxo kenzie

Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Ol' Days..

Back to the days of no worries,,
only what candy I wanted,
or who I was going to play with.
Sometimes I wish I could just go back to being a kid
After looking at these pictures I am so glad,
that I grew up in the family I did.
They are amazing,
and have blessed my life in so many ways.
Before I get all sentimental,
I do have to say My Dad is Amazing.
I may be bias, but I sure think he is the best one of them all.
Hands Down!
I am such a Daddy's Little Girl.!

P.S. DADDY.....

I really wanna go to the Happiest Place on Earth!
And yes,
I want a big multi colored Lolli!

Mesquite Getaway

Girls Night
Thursday night Kati and I decided that we wanted to just get out of town for bit and head down to Mesquite. So of course I had to call in a favor at my family's favorite restraunt and get us reservations. Kathryn's inside the Casablanca is absolutely amazing, if you haven't been there it is a must go. Serious, the food is so worth the money and I promise you will not be disappointed. Plus it helps that Tom (The Matron D) is such good friends of the family, and our favorite waiter Sam absolutely loves my family. Honestly though, This has to be one of my favorite places ever. It was Kati's first time and she fell in love, she was so funny. She seriously took like three or four big gulps of water, and was like this water is delicious. geez, I love my bestie so much! Well thank you Kathryn's for yet another amazing dinner!

Kati and I
Spinach Salad
Filet and Oscar
Tom getting desert started..!
Bananas Foster

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I am one of those girls who has the need to change their hair all the time.
Short, Long. Brown, Red Brown, Blonde, no how about Purple Black..
Ooh the possibilities that you can do.
I have to say, I sure found an amazing hair stylist today.
His Name is Spencer Winn.
He works at Salon Khroma on Riverside Dr.
Seriously, love my new hair.

Monday, March 4, 2013

sleep.. whats that?

So there is a legend that when you cant sleep its 
because you are awake in someone else’s dreams. 
So I would personally like to thank whomever it was 
that was dreaming about me ALL night, 
cause I was like this all night….

p.s. I would truly appreciate it 
if I wasn’t in your dreams again tonight, 
cause I do like my beauty sleep. 
For at least 8 hours, 
after that it is free game. 
Fair Right?