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I started blogging to document my life, and then I found out how much fun it is to just write about whatever is on your mind. I love that aspect of blogging, being able to express yourself however you would like too. Everything in this blog is 100% my own, and I love that. On this little blog of mine, you will find a variety of things from personal stories, advice/wisdom, recipes, outfits, celebrity gossip, hopes/dreams, and whatever comes into my lil brain.
 When I moved back to Utah, after a short period of time away, I decided that bloggin would be a great way to really do something for myself. So I made the decision to turn my old personal blog, into Life in the Sunshine. Even though, it is still me. I wanted something new and fresh in a way. A different take on life, called for a different take on the blog. I am so happy with the outcome and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
By the way, I would love to start hooking up with other bloggers out there and becoming more involved in things. Since I am so new; guidance, advice, help of any sort is completely cherished and loved. Shoot me an email! lifeinthesunshineblog@gmail.com
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Life in the Sunshine

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