Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life is about constant changes. From day to day, everything is always changing. I tried to find some way cute little saying on google about how things are always changing and then I ran across this little song. I mean come on, gotta love sesame street!

I kinda chopped it up, so it wouldn’t be so long..

So here ya go,

Things are always changing

So don’t be sad and blue

Change can make you happy

Cause it brings you something new

Caterpillars all wrapped up

And he wont tell you why

Inside his sack he’s changing

Soon he’ll be a butterfly

If you lost your pollywongs

They don’t really disappear

They change into frogs

And jump into the air

The seasons keep on changing too

The summer turns into fall

No more swimming no more picnics

But we get to play football!

So don’t be sad and blue

Changes can make you happy

And bring you something new

Yes I know this is long, but I have a reason to put this cute little song on here. I had a change happen in my life. Something I always seem to do.. haha I changed my hair, once again. I’ve gone dark before, but haven’t been this red/brown since sophomore year in high school. I’m loving it (minus the fact that I hate trying to cover up blonde, it’s a pain)

old hair.

new hair.

p.s. thankyou mommy, for doing this.

even though we will have to do it again.

like i said, dumb blonde hair!