Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinner Out!

Barnum, Mel, Jacob, and I decided to go out for dinner one friday night.
This was the night that we were going to celebrate my birthday as "sisters and jacob" haha.
It was so much fun! We had so much fun flirting with our waiter and he totally played along with some of our dirty jokes, haha. Others of course he just shook his head and walked away. It was a blast though in the end. You can never go wrong when we are all together. I did get told I looked like I was turning 18 though, hidding my age already; awesome!

Mel and Jacob

One day, they will realize they do love each other.


Hallie and Tayson are the kids that I babysit. We like to do alot of things together; Like make dinner and treats, crafts, and play/wrestle. We decided to mae some strawberry cupcakes. I had the kids go outside with them and we would take some pictures; Like we do alot. The kids love to have their pictures taken, they make the best faces. These are some of the pictures that came out of the bunch.

Barnum's Birthday!

As many of you know, Kenzie Barnum is one of my Best Friends.
We have been hooked at the hip for the longest time.
We have made so many memories from our 8th grade class together to today.
Some of my favorite ones are
*Skylar sitting between us in 8th grade..
*Costa Rica for Spring Break
*Scooter Rides and Burger King
*Vintage Garden Basement
*Oreo and Ice cream Runs
*Tie-Dying Shirts
*Sadies Dances
*Vegas, Holla Egypt Baby!
*The Picture Game
So for her birthday I set up a photoshoot that we have been talking about doing for a long time now. I haven't gotten the pictures back from my friend yet, but these are the pictures that we took while we were playin around at her house..
"Photoshop Fun"
"Let me see you stick out that tongue"
"Whats up Fool"
"Pull the Face"


The Big 20!

August 28th, I turned 20. I had alot of fun the night of my birthday! I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with a few of my friends, and they made me ride the saddle. Then i went to the
movie in the park for a little while. The river after that, then saw a midnight movie! Definently was a good fun relaxing birthday..

"The Birthday Attire"
"The Saddle"