Saturday, July 31, 2010

..Happy Birthday Mikell..

wow, cant believe your actually 21 now. seems just like yesterday we were writing on your calender how many days until we would turn 16. how crazy is that. love you girlie, cant wait unitl we can play again. maybe we'll go to vegas and play!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{ 50 Things I am Thankful For }

I was going through some old things and I came across this paper “50 things”. This paper was 50 things that I was thankful for at the time. As I read it, I started to laugh at some of the things that I put on there. It was a challenge that I had gotten when I was at girls camp one year. So I started thinking to myself, what are 50 things that I am thankful for right now Here it goes, I also challenge each of you to think of things that you are thankful for, and why. p.s. this took me more than one day, haha.

  1. My family. Through the thick and thin challenges life has thrown at me, my family has always been there to support me. They are always there when I need them the most, and though I may do things that disappoint them at times. I know that in the end, they love me. I can always count on them for a shoulder to cry on, a voice to laugh with, and a friend when I need a hug. Without my family, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.
  2. My job. Through this hard time in the economy, I am extremely grateful that I have a job that keeps my head above water. I am thankful that the economy hasn’t taken my job away from me. Knowing that I have money to afford things is nice, working for my own things is an amazing feeling.
  3. The gospel. Though I have had my fair share of ups and downs with the church, I have never been able to drive away my testimony of the gospel. The thing that makes me who I am. Gives me the standards that I carry with me. Has helped me understand and learn about myself. And best of all, I get to become closer to the lord. Every time that I get on my knees and pray, I know he is listening. I have a testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I know that it is true. I know that Christ died for us, so that we could repent for our sins.
  4. My toothbrush. Yes I know materialistic, but can you honestly say that you love morning breath? I love the feeling of clean teeth! I would feel horrible for the people who would have to talk to be when I haven’t brushed my teeth.
  5. My phone. I love being able to communicate with someone who is just right down the road from me or far away from me. I would waking up in the morning and having a good morning text from the person I love. There is nothing better than a long conversation with someone on the phone, well especially when you cant see them in person. Its also nice knowing that I can get a hold of someone if something was wrong.
  6. My friends. What is better than a good laugh with a best friend, well I don’t know what could be better. A friend is an angel with hidden wings, to help lift us up in our own time of need. Sometimes a friend knows when we need to smile, more than we know ourselves. Its also nice knowing that when you need to talk or vent, you will always have someone that you can turn too. Just remember that, you have to surround yourself with the people that inspire you and lift you up. You never want to be in a bad friendship, they just weight you down and make you frown. Time will tell when you have a best friend, but for now, be the friend that you want a best friend to be.
  7. Inspirational role models. These are the people that you may met once or they may be the people that come into your life to say, heck they may be someone you don’t even know but you can look up too. You always need to have someone in your life that you can look up too, they are inspiration for you to be a better you. This person(s) may have qualities that you want, friendship/relationships that you desire, confidence you look for, characteristics that you want to better within yourself. These are the people that help you become a better you.
  8. Traveling. I am so extremely lucky that I have gotten the opportunity growing up to travel and see many places all over this world. During my travels I got to do service projects for many people. Learning about how other people live in this world really makes me appreciate what I have here at home. Seeing how some people work so hard to make ends met and yet they can afford to send their children to school cause uniform or supplies were too expensive. Learning other cultures just makes me love people more. I love learning where they come from. I hope that when I get married, me and my husband will be able to afford to travel with our children.
  9. My home. I am grateful that my parents let me live here in their beautiful home. Knowing that I have a bed with a roof over it, food to eat, and somewhere to just lounge around, is very nice. I am happy that I get to have my own little space to attempt to escape from the world, thank you mom and dad for this home.
  10. The temple. I have yet to walk into the doors and do work, but that is one thing I will do someday. I will walk in those doors and do work for those who have past. I will walk in those doors one day and be able to spend all eternity with the one who I love. I cant wait for the day that I will be able to feel the spirit in his house.
  11. Seasons. Springs: watching the flowers blossom. Spring breeze and rain. Summer: I love summer nights. Summer activities like boating, something my family does together. Summer sunshine. Shorts and skirts. Fall: Driving down the streets and watching the trees turn colors is my favorite. I love the weather of fall, not too hot and not too cold. Perfect time for pants and boots, one of my favorite outfits. Winter: Snow! Winter time means lots of hot air ballooning with my grandpa. My favorite activity that we get to do as a whole family.
  12. Holidays. I love the Thanksgiving Christmas season. The joyful feeling that comes along with the holidays. Getting together as a family is my favorite. Plus I love being able to give gifts, I get just as excited as the person opening it.
  13. Camera and Photographs. Being able to capture moments and turn them into memories that I can hang up on my walls or put on my mirror, love it! Getting to look back at things that I have done in my life, a picture is worth a thousand words. Being able to have my own camera to capture all my moments, is a wonderful thing.
  14. My Mother. My mother is such an inspiration to me. She does so much for not only me, but for my family. She loves us no matter what. She has taught me so many things in my life that are so important for my future. She is such a hard worker and has taught me what hard work is all about. She has always been there for me, and I know she always will.
  15. My Father. He is such a hard worker and does everything he can for our family. He has taught me so many things. He is always there when I need to talk and I know he will listen. I know that if I have a question on anything, I can go to him and if he doesn’t know the answer he will find it out. He goes to every extent that he can to make sure that our family has what we need. I love his generosity, he has such a giving heart.
  16. My Brother. What a stud he is! I am so very grateful that we have such a close relationship. I am grateful that we can talk about anything and everything. He is a protector and he will always have my back, yes even though he is my little brother.
  17. Grandma Spafford. Knowing such a wonderful soul while she was alive meant a lot to me. I got to learn a lot of great things from her. I have so many memories of her that I cherish so much. Talking to her and learning about family stories and stories of her growing up was so much fun. I loved watching her get presents, she was more and more like a child with each and every single present she got. Seeing someone get so exciting over something so simple really made me smile. I love the chance to get to know my Grandma while she was alive.
  18. Grandparents. My Grandma and Grandpa Leake are such inspirations. They have been through so much in their lives and yet they are still here and are still so much in love. I love being with them. They are so strong in the gospel and they carry so much of the spirit with them. They worked hard to have what they have now, I look up to them so much. I love the family traditions that they have let us kids grow up with, I cant wait to have my own little family and carry on the traditions they I have grown up with.
  19. Everyday. I am grateful everyday I wake up, its is one more day that I get to have an adventure in this world. One more day I get to smile. One more day I get to say I love you. One more day is one more day. We should all wake up and be happy that we have today. Enjoy each and everyday, cause you never know what will happen that day.
  20. Hugs. I am grateful that there is something that can make you feel so comfortable, secure, loved, and so many more feelings. I love that when I am down, I have get a hug from someone and no matter what I will be able to smile.
  21. Laughing. What would this world be without laughter? I love being able to sit with a group of friends, or just one friend and have a conversation where we are laughing so hard we have to pee so bad. I love those times where you will remember something you did I the past, and now you can just laugh about it. Being able to laugh at yourself is important to me. No one is perfect, we all have off days and faults. We have laugh about them, they are what make us who we are.
  22. Smiles. I love how a simple smile can turn your entire day around. Smiles are contagious, so smile!
  23. My health. I am grateful that I am living. I am grateful that I am healthy today. The problems that I had with my health were found and taken care of so my body can rebuild itself. I am so happy that I have my good health so that I can do activities that I love.
  24. Teachers. Someone who dedicated their life so that we can gain knowledge. Someone who loves to know that we gain the knowledge that they give out. Teachers who actually love the process of a start and finish result, helping us along the way. Teachers make us a better and more knowledge about person tomorrow, so we can take our knowledge and help someone else out with it.
  25. Prayer. Being able to get on my knees and get help from the lord is the best thing in this entire world. In time of need or just a time to talk, I get on my knees and talk to my father above. I love knowing that I can get his help on a small decision or a big decision. I love knowing that I can pray for things I need in my life, such as strength or patience. Knowing that I have him with me at all times, in all places, is an amazing feeling.
  26. My car. Something that gets me where I need to go, especially long distances is such a nice thing to have. Paying for my own car, always makes me appreciate it so much more.
  27. Sunday. I love going to church and getting the chance to learn more about the gospel, and I get to partake of the sacrament. The people that I get to spend the time with at church are amazing. The people in my ward, are seriously the best ever. I love them so much, I love going to church.
  28. Past relationships. Knowing the characteristics that I want for the person that I spend my entire life with is very important to me. I have learned a lot of my past relationships what I do and what I don’t want in my future spouse. I believe that I deserve the best and sometimes it may take some time to find that perfect one for me, but the wait will be well worth it. My past relationships made me grow so much, finding myself and learning a lot of important details.
  29. Dreams. Something to look forward too is the best. When you have something that you want in life, you know that you are going to do your best so that you can have it. Having dreams also gives you something to work forward too, something that you can look back on and say “wow, look what I can conquered.”
  30. Nature. Going outside and enjoying what god created for us is the best thing. I love outdoor activities. There is absolutely nothing better than enjoying fresh air. What is better than your toes in the sand on a beach, breathing in air on top of a mountain, taking a dip in a lake, hiking and seeing all the creatures out there, and so many more things that you can do outside.
  31. The internet. Somewhere that I can go to find things I need. Finding an address, a recipe, reading blogs of friends, keeping in touch with family and friends, being able to send someone a gift. The internet is such a wonderful thing that was brought into our generation.
  32. Rain. I love the smell of rain, but more than that I love dancing in the rain. There is nothing that makes me feel more free than running around and dancing in the rain. I say that you cant enjoy life until you have danced in the rain.
  33. Sunshine. A day in the sunshine is so much fun. Nothing is better than watching the sunrise and taking the beautiful day to full advantage. There is so many things that you can do when the sunshine is out. Sunshine just makes me smile.
  34. Doctors. I love knowing that when I cant get me better, there is someone I can turn too. Someone who dedicates their life to help people get better. I am so grateful for the doctors that helped me when I had my problems with gallbladder. Knowing that I was in good hands made me feel so much better, and now that my health is better I am so grateful for the wonderful doctors who helped me get here.
  35. My Blanket. I am so happy that I have something gives me comfort. Me and my blanket have been through so many nights of tears and pain. Nothing is better than snuggling up with my blanket too. I know I get a lot of crap for having my blanket, but I do love my blanket.
  36. Love. Nothing is better than the feeling of love. Whether it is from a family member, a friend, or a special someone. Love is what makes the world go around.
  37. Music. So many kinds of music for my so many kinds of moods. I love how I can be totally sad and down, turn on a good song and its like a total turn around. I also love how one song can remind you of a good time or someone. Music is inspiration, whether it is the lyrics or the rhythm that can inspire you in so many ways. Music is perfect to turn on when you don’t want the distraction of a tv, but you need to something to listen to in the back ground. Music is also great for me when I just wanna dance around and act like a fool!
  38. My Favorite TV Shows. Yes, I will admit that I have TV addictions. There are just some shows that make me so mad when they end, and then the wait till the next week or even the next season. I even catch myself talking to the TV telling the characters, “oh no your not suppose to pick him!” “What are you doing? Seriously don’t do that, no no no!!” “Oh, you so annoy me. Why oh why are you doing that!” or even “Oh just kiss him already, you know you want too. Stop looking at him and just do it, geez!”
  39. No Make-Up Days. There are days where I just could careless to put on make up. Nothing is better than being able to go around with nothing on my face, and not care what people think. Plus I think it is ridiculous when people don’t let anyone see them with out makeup, except me at my worst to get me at my best, that is my motto.
  40. Hair Ties. For those hot days when I need to get my hair off my neck or the days where I don’t care to do my hair. Hair ties are one of the best inventions known to man.
  41. Car Drives. Driving with no destination in sight, windows down, time to think. This is the time I love my car the best, it is just a way to let out. A good way for me to think is just to drive.
  42. My Mamma’s Cooking. I love my moms cooking. I hope that when I have a family of my own, that I will be atleast half the cook that she is. May I say, she is the best baker ever too!!
  43. Making Mistakes. Being able to know that you made a mistake and learn from it is so wonderful to me. There are so many times in my life that I am so thankful that I can repent for mistakes that I have made. Making mistakes helps everyone learn, and it is ok to make mistakes, I mean we are only human. I don’t want to regret anything, just to learn from it.
  44. Jeans. Who ever invented blue jeans, thank you! They are one of my favorite things to wear. I love being able to be so comfy and still look so good, plus jeans you can dress up and dress down. Perfect! Nothing is better, other than my sweats haha.
  45. Noodles. Yes you may think this is weird, but I love noodles. I could eat them like every day, and if it weren’t for noodles I don’t think I could feed Tayson half of time that I have him. He sure loves his noodles, just like his Kenzie.
  46. The word I Love You. It is the perfect word, simple yet so meaningful. I Love You has so much meaning behind it when it is use the right way. Plus it is nice to have something so simple to tell someone how you feel.
  47. The Vaughn/Seely Family. I cant possibly say how much I appreciate them, and how much I am thankful for this whole entire family. I have learned so much from them. I love each and everyone one of them so so very much. They are all so inspirational in their own way. I look up to each of them, in different ways. I love how not only have they made me a stronger person, but they have affected my whole family. I am so happy that I got the chance to met them and have them all become apart of my life.
  48. Shooting Stars. I haven’t seen very many in my lifetime, but I love just getting to lay out and look up at a night full of stars and get to watch for them. Even if I don’t get too see one (cause I always seem to turn my head or something, when one happens) I love just getting to go out and star gaze. It is honestly one of my favorite things ever.
  49. Dances. I love random dances. Whether they are funky, fun, romantic, or totally just laughable, random dances are the best and they always put a smile on your face. Admit it, you have to say that no matter what the random dance is, you will always have a smile on your face afterwards. I can say though, a way to make me melt, randomly grab my hand and dance with me.
  50. Ice Cream. Weird, probably. But you need to know me to understand this, I am in love with ice cream. Give me any flavor (without orange) and I will eat it, I love it that much. I hardly ever turn it down, and when I do something is up. I could eat it everyday if it weren’t for those horrible calories that come along with it. I could say that bring me ice cream and you will make me happy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

..Lake Powell..

All I have to say is “wow, what a week I have had!” I got the opportunity to be asked to go with the young women in our ward on their Lake Powell trip. Robin Vaughn asked if my mother and I would like to come out and bring our boat, be leaders over a few girls, and have some fun. Of course me and my mom were like, umm... heck yeah! Who in their right mind would turn down a trip to Lake Powell anyways? If you do, well then you are just plain out some type of crazy person. My mom left on Friday with my dad to go out and get the boat into the water and have a few days to them selves. I just honestly think they wanted to play hooky from work, but that’s just my opinion. I drove out with the girls on Monday. We were all so excited and ready to go. Monday came around, we were having a blast. Heading out after we ate some dinner to play on the water, and I wanted to take a ride on the wave runner. Little did I know what was in store for me. I was just out there having fun and playing around, when I decided to jump the wake behind the Vaughn’s boat. Yeah, Bad News! I jumped and totally hit wrong when I came down cause I smacked my face on the plastic and had my teeth come threw my lip and jacked up my teeth. Talk about some terrible pain, it was horrible. I rode up to the boat thinking that I had broke all my teeth and done some bad damage. Justin got me to the houseboat as soon as he possibly could. Once we got some ice on it and looked at it, it wasn’t as bad and I thought, but it still was bad. Yeah pretty much, there went my fun for the week. Anyways the rest of the week just seemed to fly by, we all had fun. I got to go inside the Glen Canyon Dam. That thing is pretty awesome, if I have to say so myself. Learned a lot about how it works and everything. Its pretty cool going down inside of it to look at the turbons that spin the water to create the energy that is produced off of it for us to use. We played on the water some more and we went for sunset rides. I got to surf, and I loved it. It is so much fun to surf, I really want to get one for our family.. or maybe just steal the Vaughn’s board every once in a while, haha. All in all it was a fun trip!

Once I was home late Thursday night, or should I say early Friday morning, I got some rest and went to go see Randy. My awesome boyfriend Brecken called his dad for me so that he could look at my mouth and try to fix it. After an hour in the chair, and some horrible pain, my teeth were all back in place. I didn’t even cry, yeah I would say I was proud of myself. Thanks babe for calling your dad, and thanks Randy for taking such good care of me. It means a lot to me that you would take time out of your day to help me. Now I just have to wait for my teeth to set and they will stop hurting, yes they still hurt. I can hardly eat, its all about the soft foods right now. Yay! Not! I’ve been craving a dang steak, and I can’t eat it cause it hurts way too much. Hopefully it will heal fast!

Well that’s all for my little update, more pictures will come when I get my own computer back from its doctor.

Much love, Kenz!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July (:

Sunshine on the lake for the fourth, yeah you can count me in. All I can say is that it was beautiful out there. It was a little windy on Friday night, but great tubing water! Kati got to come with me for the weekend. I was super excited! The only thing that stunk about the whole thing, I got sick on Friday night and had to sit out on tubing. From the stories I heard when the crew got back, Mom gave Gavin a good ride. I guess at one point he was totally air born on the tube and landed the whole thing, Go Gavin!

I found out that Brecken was going to coming into town the day I was leaving. So I didn’t get to see him, which made me so sad. He was coming home to do some work at the summit for his dad. Then they were going to be driving his truck back to Louisiana on Sunday. Luckily enough they decided to come home on Sunday, instead of going straight from the summit down through Colorado. I was so excited to see him! Even if it was just for one night, nothing is better than being with the one you love. Now that he is back in Louisiana, I will be looking forward to the next time that I get to see him! I love that boy so very much!