Friday, April 18, 2014


I came across >this< 100 days of Happiness challenge because of Leslie’s blog. So, what did I do? I clicked on the link and read about the challenge. I absolutely fell in love with it too. 

Sometimes in our lives we get a little on the down side of life. This challenge seriously came at such a perfect time. Personally, I need a simple reminder each day of the things that make me happy. 

Come on. How many of us post things daily on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.. I know most of us do! So, why don’t share and keep our selves accountable for the things that make us happy daily. 

Anyways, I fell in love with this little challenge. Taking a single photo and reminding myself of the small and simple things (or big) in life that bring me happiness. Follow and/or join in with me on Instagram - my username is kenziespafford. & don't forget to hashtag #100happydays. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Turkey Fried Rice

I really have been making it an effort to eat better now that I am striving to live a healthier life. I might as well not waste the time I put in at the gym, by feeding my body with horrible things. So, last week I went to the grocery store with a short list of things that I needed to make meals for the week.

Shopping List:

1lb Ground Turkey • 1 lb Chicken • Fresh Green Beans • 2 Yellow Squash

2 Zucchini • 2 Small Sweet Potatoes • Single Bag Kale Salad • Frozen Bag Mixed Veggies

1 Box Brown Rice • 1 Container Organic Granola • 10 Greek Yogurts • 1 Container Almond Milk

With this short list I made myself 6 days worth of meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinners. I was pretty proud of myself, especially when I only spent $32! Now, this doesn’t include a snack for after breakfast and my protein for my post workout snack, but it makes all of my main meals for 6 days.

The wonderful things about this meal prep, is that I made a few different lunch and dinner meals. Because I can’t eat the same thing day after day, that makes me want to cheat badly!

Rosemary Chicken // Turkey Burgers // Turkey Fried Rice // Chicken Kale Salad

Turkey Fried Rice

½ lb Ground Turkey

½ Small Bag Mixed Veggies

1 Egg

Brown Rice

Cook the turkey. I seasoned mine with a little salt, pepper, and Mrs. Dash. I like to use Mrs. Dash because it is a low sodium seasoning product. Plus, it comes in multiple flavors. I cooked 2 cups of brown rice as directed on the package. Once the turkey is almost cooked, add the egg and scramble it. Add veggies and let cook for a minute or two longer. I, then add the rice and let it all cook together for a little while. Sometimes, I will add a few dashes of soy sauce; that is totally up to you though.

This recipe yields 3 servings for me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Making Memories

Prioritize your life and live according to it so you don't miss out on what is matter the most in life.
I have to be honest.

Lately I haven’t felt much like blogging.

It could be the fact that there is so much going on in my life. It could be that I don’t feel like I have had much inspiration. It could be the fact that I finally hit a breaking point and something had to give in my life. This just seemed like one of the easiest things to let go of for a minute or two.

I, of course, can’t fully let something go that I love so much. So, when I have a second in my life where it seems a little less chaotic, I plan to give this blog a little bit of lovin.
And, I have to give a little because I want to be able to enjoy what time I do have in life making memories. Life is about being happy and making memories with those who you love.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Link-Ups - Easter

If you have been following this little blog for a while, then it comes with no surprise that I love holidays. I love everything about them; the traditions, the celebrations, the d├ęcor and of course the food. Easter is no exception on that holiday list.

All of these fun Easter ideas can be found on my Pinterest!

I confess that I love Easter because of the fun pastel colors that Easter brings. All of the fun and bright home decor gets me super excited to decorate my own little space one day.

I confess that I think the thought of the Easter Bunny is quite awkward. Who wants a gigantic bunny hopping around leaving eggs everywhere.

I confess that my family is a ham family on Easter. I love ham; I am totally okay with having ham every single Easter Sunday.

I confess that I look forward to coloring Easter Eggs every time and get really sad if I don't do it one year. I guess that is just the kid in me.

I confess that I love looking at little girls in their Easter Dresses. I think it has to be one of the cutest things in the entire world. I just love it. 

I confess I would probably get more excited about my Easter basket than any other 24 year old.  My parents always get the best stuff, Reese Peanut Butter Eggs. Yep, those things are a serious guilty pleasure.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Past - Present - Future


It’s a given fact that at points in our lives we dwell on what has happened to us in our past. It doesn’t matter if we let ourselves down or someone let us down. The best thing we can possibly do is to forgive and more forward. How else are we suppose to enjoy what is going to come into our lives and appreciate what could be, if we can’t let go of what has been? 

We have to learn to let go of the situation and/or the person whom we have been holding on too. It is the sole reason that we can’t let happiness into our lives, whether we realize that we are holding on or not. In order to let go of what has been, we have to emotionally detach ourselves from what happened and the pain that we are holding on too. We must forgive and release any harsh feelings that we maybe harboring. Move forward with life; remember that situation made us strong and the person standing in front of you now. You are strong and things will get better. 

This is something I am personally working on myself. Yes, I have been hurt. Yes, I have let myself down. Yes, I have been in horrible spots in life. But, I will start to appreciate the things that are at my feet currently. I will love and enjoy the people around me. I will really start to let my guard down more around people, because how else am I supposed to let someone in at some point. 

These past few weeks have really been an eye opener for me personally. I realized how much hurt I still have been harboring with my breakup. Even though I had moved on, I hadn’t let go and realized the harsh feelings I had toward the person and the entire situation as a whole. I have now realized how much it has been holding me back, enjoying the beauty and friendships that are growing around me. It has made me constantly second guess myself as a person. I now realize that. The wonderful thing though; I will change, I will let go, I will move forward completely, and I will once again look forward to what is next in my life. 

- Kenzie