Monday, April 26, 2010

Cupcake craziness

Izzy came to cheer me up yesterday!

We got to have some cupcakes,

And well hers ended up all over her.



How can you not fall in love with this face??

I Know i'm in love with it!!


So we made a little trip down south for some summer sunshine and swimming! Good Ol’ Mesquite was calling our names. We had a blast and all came home a little burnt, oh well. First sunburn of the season, check!

.The girls.




Monday, April 19, 2010

Do you ever just sit and wonder? I know that I catch myself all the time in this day dream of, “I wonder what life will be like?” or a big one for me is “Am I really feeling like this, or is it just in my head?” I know I’ve been told that I cant just let my mind wonder to place of wonder, it can cause a lot of stress. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just cant help it. I always wonder about the future. What is in store for the life ahead of me? What will I be like in the future? What will the house I live in be like? Who will I want to spend the rest of my days and all my eternity with? I wonder, I wonder. Oh geez do I wonder. Then I start to think of my life now. Should I do this? Will it make my life more stressful? Will it bring more joy to my life? Should I let someone know how I feel? Is it too early? Am I being dumb for holding it in? Oh the question that come into my mind. I always say that I want to take each and every opportunity as it is brought into my life, but I honestly have the guts to do it? Can I just plunge into it and say, “Yes I am going to do this no matter what the outcome is.” The questions and wonders in my mind can seriously get me lost in though for hours. I like it for the fact that it makes me think, then again. Do I like to sit and wonder. Who does? How can you help not do it?

So I was sitting in sacrament on Sunday and this guy was giving his homecoming talk. As my mind wandered in and out of the talk (due to cute hailey on lap and my doodle pad) I heard him say something along this line. It made me think. I ended up loving it so much that I just had to write it down in my book. I knew I would regret it later if I didn’t, yeah I’m weird like that. Oh well. Here it is.

“Think of your happiness to bring in one soul, your content. Think of your happiness to bring in many souls, you feel blessed. Now think of the happiness of the souls you brought, you are blessed to have them and they are the ones who make you feel blessed with the appreciation of you taking the time to bring them here. One small step can turn into something big. If you make a small thing a habit, it becomes just something that you do on a regular basis. Which can bless your life and make it rich, it can be big or small. Just start somewhere.”
Take sometime to think about it, What can you do?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello I Got Goosebumps!

American Idol..

Talk about giving a girl goosebumps..

This performance was seriously the best yet!

Can I say, I have fallin in love with Tim Urban..

Yes, Yes I Can!

bedroom update..

I have finished the bedroom..
well the painting part.
Its taken a while..
But i want to wait to put up pictures once i get the whole thing put together.
I'm just waiting for the pillows to finish the comforter that my mommy is making me,
And well something to go over my bed!
So it might be a lil bit longer..

The Music I Love!!

April 8, 2010!
I got the chance to go with some friends to see Kellie Pickler at Tuachan.
She is amazing. She is hilarious. She is sweet. She is fun!
It was one of the best concerts i've been too. She sang amazingly and she talked up a storm.
She told us alot about herself. How she grew up, Made her music mean so much more.
She told us about her trips and life on the road. How the band has been over seas so many times.
They have gotten the oppurtunities to visit our soldiers that are fights wars.
She told us about her experiences and so much more.
Its easy to say, That concert was a blast!
And I found some new favorite songs..
*Rocks Instead of Rice.
*Lucky Girl.
*Makin' Me Fall in Love Again.
*Gotta Keep Moving.

Then on April 9, 2010

I got to see Jake Owen in Logandale!!
Brecken and I, Plus two other friends went down for the concert.
He is sooo sexy! (sorry breck, but he is)
We had so much fun dancing along to the music and with friends.
I got to see some friends that I haven't seen since middle school or high school.
It was so much fun! Loved every moment of it!
Plus it was alot of fun to get out of this town, even for a night..
There wasn't many good pictures from the night,
the lighting was horrible in the tent.. sorry guys.

Ya I have to say it was one awesome weekend!!