I would love to have the chance to partner up with you, whether it’s promoting your business or blog. Since Life in the Sunshine is still growing, I would love to the opportunity to have a blog swap, link up, or giveaway. I am willing to offer advertising for businesses whether you’re big or small. Email me for further information at kenziespafford(at)live(dot)com.

A few more things…

// Blog Swaps // If you let me take over your blog for the day, then I will let you take over mine. I think this is such a great way to get to know other bloggers out there! An amazing way to meet new blog friends!  All I ask is if you have a specific blog post in mind, let me know! Blog Swaps are open to anyone of you lovelies that are interested.

// Link-Ups // I would love the opportunity to pair up with one or more of you wonderful bloggers for a link up. This is such a great way to get creative with posts and get to know someone’s personality, style, and stories. Have you thought about doing a link up? Lets join forces and do it! Link-Ups are open to anyone interested.

// Styled Post // I am all about styling one of your products; Fashion, Beauty, and Home Décor/Art. I take pride in my own personal style, because it is a direct reflection of who I am. So, If you are looking for a way to promote a product of yours, let me know! I would love the opportunity to partner up with you. Share with the world your wonders. All I ask is that you know, your products must be a reflection of who I am, what I would wear, or what would be seen in my house. I do ask one thing though, please send me your product so that I can best represent you or your company. All product received will not be returned. Styled posts are open to anyone interested.

// Product Review // I am always up for trying new and upcoming products, because who better to tell the world about your exciting product then me.! I can promise you one thing, I will be honest about my reviews and if I love it, you betcha it’s getting an awesome review post. So send your Accessories, Clothing, Cosmetics, Home Decor, Shoes, and other products my way. Because I do ask for you do send your product so that I can honestly share with my readers; my personal thoughts on your product. All Product received will not be returned. Product reviews are open to anyone interested.

// Giveaways // Have you thought about to get your product out and about, lets pair up and do a giveaway. A single giveaway will receive numerous shout outs till the giveaway is closed. This is a great way to promote your product and/or business. Your giveaway will be seen through a post, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’; maximum exposure.

Updated December 1, 2013
All sponsored posts and reviews are hand selected by myself and all will have my honest opinion. This blog will never contain contents or products in which I would not endorse myself or would present a conflict of interest for the blog. With that being said, I will not commit to sharing a positive review on the product in which I have received. I will share my honest opinion, feelings, belief, findings, and/or experiences that are to be featured or is featured on the blog. For sponsored posts and reviews, I do receive compensation for the time I spend preparing the post for you the readers. You, the reader, are not by any means obligated to click on any link or buy any product, which is advertised. With that said, I thank you for sponsoring a post on Life in the Sunshine.
- McKenzie Spafford