Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Getaway(:

Thanksgiving Weekend
Family, Friends, Food, Laughter!
What else could a person ask for?
I know that I couldn't ask for anything else in the world!
While we spent the holiday at my gram and gramps,
We got to do alot of fun memorable things this weekend.
Grampa flew the hot air balloon on Thanksgiving morning;
I can say that this has to be one of my favorite family traditions.
I also got to spend Thanksgiving with one of my best friends;
It was a blast having her share the holiday with the family!
Black Friday, I'm not one of the crazy people to camp out;
Just to get the good deals. But I did go shopping!
I got almost all my Christmas Shopping done!
Yay me; just gotta do dad now. The Hard One; as we call him.
After shopping all day, I crashed!
Saturday; The day that we make the journey home.
But first; Levi just had to go shopping.
So after we left 5 hours later,
we got caught in a nasty snow storm on the way home
and it took us 6 hours to get home!
But it sure was a great weekend!
Me and Erin,
going shopping!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Balloon Chasers(:

Mom and I went to Salt Lake over the weekend!
It was a blast! While we were up there, The ballon was
flown for Nathan's birthday. We had so much fun!
Like we always do, This has to be one of my
favorite traditions that the family does!
Here are some pictures of the morning(:
Puttin it up!
Up, Up, and Away!
Against the Mountains!

The Big Helpers Puttin It Away!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love you dad, but our house stinks!

I'm just going to say, yes dad i do love you. But ever since you have been on this canning kick, our house just plain our stinks. I love how you are totally getting into it, and your very much enjoy making all these wonderful treats. I do love the peaches and stuff.. but those darn pickles and pickled beets are just killing my nostrils.. I'm going to start to wonder if I stink like this when I leave the house. That will definently warn off them boys, keep them away. Oh dang, now I know why you are doing it. You are trying to make me smell so those boys wont start coming around anymore. I love you, I do; but please. This really needs to be taking outside or stop sometime in the near future. Like tonight! Please and Thank you. Remember, I do love you. My nostrils just cant take this much longer.

Work or Play?

Saturday night I worked with Erin and her dad.
We took Sadies pictures for Desert Hills High School.
We got a little camera time for us...hehe.
We had just a little fun on the tank!
Luv this girl!
I was actually laughing really hard, as she was falling.
But jeff only got me smiling.
Ok this was hilarious! I was getting off as she started to fall!
Peace Yo!

Ok, so maybe we have a little too much fun while we work.

Favorite Part..

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. I dont know if I love it because of the nice weather or because of all the beauty that fall brings with it. I absolutely love driving down some of the streets in St. George that are lined with trees as they change colors. I love orange leaves the most. So as I was laying in my bed today, I decided to look online at some of the beautiful pictures that people get the oppurtunity to take. I had a little fun with the photoshop and I made this awesome photo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


as you have read before,
for barnums birthday
we did this photoshoot,
adrienne did an awesome job!
take a look at some of the pictures from it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekend Getaway.

Salt Lake City.
Erin and I got the chance to get a little weekend getaway,
to good ol' slc. We went up for her cousin Chris's wedding.
While we were there we got to have some fun,
and of course take a bunch of pictures.
Here is the pictures from our journey(:

Going to see "Fame"
We were a tad bit on the excited to go see it.
Cafe Rio.
Of course I'm the one that pulls the face.
At Chris's Wedding Reception.
This is what happens when we forget...
At the reception again.
This boy would be Erin's Cousin,
The one and only,

We get entertained in bathrooms, easily.

This was such a fun weekend. I loved meeting all of Erin's family.

I even felt like a part of the family, with them teasing me.

It was really nice to go and see

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

change, i do it often.

Blonde, nah.. no more
Brown, ok..lets spice it up a bit though
Red, Heck yes babyy.. lets do this!
As many of you know, I change my hair more than anyone I know.
Its always a different color or cut or something. I guess I get bored easily.
So this time, I decided to be daring and try something totally new..
I thought, well its becoming cold. I like brown in the fall/winter months..
Lets jazz this up a bit.. Jeanette (my hair stylist) said lets put some color in it.
I said, lets do it Fire Engine Red. She got all excited!! So here it is!

So...What does everyone think?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinner Out!

Barnum, Mel, Jacob, and I decided to go out for dinner one friday night.
This was the night that we were going to celebrate my birthday as "sisters and jacob" haha.
It was so much fun! We had so much fun flirting with our waiter and he totally played along with some of our dirty jokes, haha. Others of course he just shook his head and walked away. It was a blast though in the end. You can never go wrong when we are all together. I did get told I looked like I was turning 18 though, hidding my age already; awesome!

Mel and Jacob

One day, they will realize they do love each other.


Hallie and Tayson are the kids that I babysit. We like to do alot of things together; Like make dinner and treats, crafts, and play/wrestle. We decided to mae some strawberry cupcakes. I had the kids go outside with them and we would take some pictures; Like we do alot. The kids love to have their pictures taken, they make the best faces. These are some of the pictures that came out of the bunch.

Barnum's Birthday!

As many of you know, Kenzie Barnum is one of my Best Friends.
We have been hooked at the hip for the longest time.
We have made so many memories from our 8th grade class together to today.
Some of my favorite ones are
*Skylar sitting between us in 8th grade..
*Costa Rica for Spring Break
*Scooter Rides and Burger King
*Vintage Garden Basement
*Oreo and Ice cream Runs
*Tie-Dying Shirts
*Sadies Dances
*Vegas, Holla Egypt Baby!
*The Picture Game
So for her birthday I set up a photoshoot that we have been talking about doing for a long time now. I haven't gotten the pictures back from my friend yet, but these are the pictures that we took while we were playin around at her house..
"Photoshop Fun"
"Let me see you stick out that tongue"
"Whats up Fool"
"Pull the Face"


The Big 20!

August 28th, I turned 20. I had alot of fun the night of my birthday! I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with a few of my friends, and they made me ride the saddle. Then i went to the
movie in the park for a little while. The river after that, then saw a midnight movie! Definently was a good fun relaxing birthday..

"The Birthday Attire"
"The Saddle"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vegas Baby!!

we were on our way to the one and only,
a day full fo shopping, food, and fun!
it was all awaiting us, only 2 hours away..
so our journey began!

after a day full of shopping, and lots of money spent..
we came home with..
alot of fun things,
haha did you think i would tell you.. haha
well come to my closet, and i'll show you my finds :)