Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cousins and California

yeah some may call us crazy, insane, or funny. but we just say fun! we love being together and our fun adventures... so we said, well hello here were come california :) so it was the cousins in california.. we had so much fun, we went and spend all day friday at the six flags magic mountain, and then dinner at chilis. so yummy! and then we totally crashed! saturday we spent the day at maliby beach, jeeping, dinner, and a movie. the beach was cold at first, but then you got use to it. morgan totally got burnt too, of course she is our whitey! then jeeping, cameron scared us so bad, but it was alot of fun! dinner was so good too, we had never been to california pizza kitchen. but when we went back to the house to watch a movie, me and morgan totally crashed like 5 mins into the movie.. sunday was travel home day :( but our happy part of it was our fun ride down to visit rob! after a wrong exit we got there 2 hours later, haha. we went to lunch and had fun catching up with our rob... we got to hear some crazy stories oh his experiences of moreno valley, yeah we decided those people are totally crazy down there. we even got to see a crazy beehive hair style in target, we were on a mission to get toenail clippers for rob. once we got on the road it was a long ride home.. our trip was over :( but we cant wait for our next adventure! bring on the fun!