Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barnum's Birthday!

As many of you know, Kenzie Barnum is one of my Best Friends.
We have been hooked at the hip for the longest time.
We have made so many memories from our 8th grade class together to today.
Some of my favorite ones are
*Skylar sitting between us in 8th grade..
*Costa Rica for Spring Break
*Scooter Rides and Burger King
*Vintage Garden Basement
*Oreo and Ice cream Runs
*Tie-Dying Shirts
*Sadies Dances
*Vegas, Holla Egypt Baby!
*The Picture Game
So for her birthday I set up a photoshoot that we have been talking about doing for a long time now. I haven't gotten the pictures back from my friend yet, but these are the pictures that we took while we were playin around at her house..
"Photoshop Fun"
"Let me see you stick out that tongue"
"Whats up Fool"
"Pull the Face"

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