Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love you dad, but our house stinks!

I'm just going to say, yes dad i do love you. But ever since you have been on this canning kick, our house just plain our stinks. I love how you are totally getting into it, and your very much enjoy making all these wonderful treats. I do love the peaches and stuff.. but those darn pickles and pickled beets are just killing my nostrils.. I'm going to start to wonder if I stink like this when I leave the house. That will definently warn off them boys, keep them away. Oh dang, now I know why you are doing it. You are trying to make me smell so those boys wont start coming around anymore. I love you, I do; but please. This really needs to be taking outside or stop sometime in the near future. Like tonight! Please and Thank you. Remember, I do love you. My nostrils just cant take this much longer.

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