Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekend Getaway.

Salt Lake City.
Erin and I got the chance to get a little weekend getaway,
to good ol' slc. We went up for her cousin Chris's wedding.
While we were there we got to have some fun,
and of course take a bunch of pictures.
Here is the pictures from our journey(:

Going to see "Fame"
We were a tad bit on the excited to go see it.
Cafe Rio.
Of course I'm the one that pulls the face.
At Chris's Wedding Reception.
This is what happens when we forget...
At the reception again.
This boy would be Erin's Cousin,
The one and only,

We get entertained in bathrooms, easily.

This was such a fun weekend. I loved meeting all of Erin's family.

I even felt like a part of the family, with them teasing me.

It was really nice to go and see

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