Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Getaway(:

Thanksgiving Weekend
Family, Friends, Food, Laughter!
What else could a person ask for?
I know that I couldn't ask for anything else in the world!
While we spent the holiday at my gram and gramps,
We got to do alot of fun memorable things this weekend.
Grampa flew the hot air balloon on Thanksgiving morning;
I can say that this has to be one of my favorite family traditions.
I also got to spend Thanksgiving with one of my best friends;
It was a blast having her share the holiday with the family!
Black Friday, I'm not one of the crazy people to camp out;
Just to get the good deals. But I did go shopping!
I got almost all my Christmas Shopping done!
Yay me; just gotta do dad now. The Hard One; as we call him.
After shopping all day, I crashed!
Saturday; The day that we make the journey home.
But first; Levi just had to go shopping.
So after we left 5 hours later,
we got caught in a nasty snow storm on the way home
and it took us 6 hours to get home!
But it sure was a great weekend!
Me and Erin,
going shopping!

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