Friday, June 18, 2010

I never realized how much I could miss you, until you weren’t here by my side. I miss all the simple things that you brought into my life. I miss your smile, and the way you made me laugh. I miss your hugs, and your tickle sessions. I miss our hands intertwined, and our million goodnight kisses. Most of all, I miss your arms around me. I miss the way we use to snuggle, the warmth of your body next to mine. The way you would lay your head down on my lap and just look up at me and smile. I can honestly say this, nights are the hardest part of this distance. This is the time that I think of you the most. Its hard for to fall asleep, without you kissing me goodnight. I hate it when I awake during the night, because you’re the only thing on my mind. I love you, yes I do. I can say this, because it is true. Love always, Love me...

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