Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ooh ooh so much!!!

Genius over Blonde won this battle of the blog. I’ve been told so many times now that the comment part of my blog wouldn’t work. After assisting some much needed help from my practically sister of mine, brie, I think we got it fix. So comment comment away!! I would love to hear from you now, on the blog.. not just in text messages(: thanks doll for being such a life savor!!


*I’ve been making some really cute bead watches lately. I will get some pictures up soon of them.. I will be making some for sell, if anyone is interested. Get ahold of me! If you don’t know my number, comment or email me.. get my email from the link on my page..

*My mom is also making some way cute car seat covers. I mean so freakin’ cute ones! I will post some pictures of those soon too! She sells them too! Let me know if you want information and pricing on them..

*She also still makes the towels with tops (pictures posted soon, promise) they are $10 a set. So again, if you want info; get a hold of me!!

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