Saturday, July 17, 2010

..Lake Powell..

All I have to say is “wow, what a week I have had!” I got the opportunity to be asked to go with the young women in our ward on their Lake Powell trip. Robin Vaughn asked if my mother and I would like to come out and bring our boat, be leaders over a few girls, and have some fun. Of course me and my mom were like, umm... heck yeah! Who in their right mind would turn down a trip to Lake Powell anyways? If you do, well then you are just plain out some type of crazy person. My mom left on Friday with my dad to go out and get the boat into the water and have a few days to them selves. I just honestly think they wanted to play hooky from work, but that’s just my opinion. I drove out with the girls on Monday. We were all so excited and ready to go. Monday came around, we were having a blast. Heading out after we ate some dinner to play on the water, and I wanted to take a ride on the wave runner. Little did I know what was in store for me. I was just out there having fun and playing around, when I decided to jump the wake behind the Vaughn’s boat. Yeah, Bad News! I jumped and totally hit wrong when I came down cause I smacked my face on the plastic and had my teeth come threw my lip and jacked up my teeth. Talk about some terrible pain, it was horrible. I rode up to the boat thinking that I had broke all my teeth and done some bad damage. Justin got me to the houseboat as soon as he possibly could. Once we got some ice on it and looked at it, it wasn’t as bad and I thought, but it still was bad. Yeah pretty much, there went my fun for the week. Anyways the rest of the week just seemed to fly by, we all had fun. I got to go inside the Glen Canyon Dam. That thing is pretty awesome, if I have to say so myself. Learned a lot about how it works and everything. Its pretty cool going down inside of it to look at the turbons that spin the water to create the energy that is produced off of it for us to use. We played on the water some more and we went for sunset rides. I got to surf, and I loved it. It is so much fun to surf, I really want to get one for our family.. or maybe just steal the Vaughn’s board every once in a while, haha. All in all it was a fun trip!

Once I was home late Thursday night, or should I say early Friday morning, I got some rest and went to go see Randy. My awesome boyfriend Brecken called his dad for me so that he could look at my mouth and try to fix it. After an hour in the chair, and some horrible pain, my teeth were all back in place. I didn’t even cry, yeah I would say I was proud of myself. Thanks babe for calling your dad, and thanks Randy for taking such good care of me. It means a lot to me that you would take time out of your day to help me. Now I just have to wait for my teeth to set and they will stop hurting, yes they still hurt. I can hardly eat, its all about the soft foods right now. Yay! Not! I’ve been craving a dang steak, and I can’t eat it cause it hurts way too much. Hopefully it will heal fast!

Well that’s all for my little update, more pictures will come when I get my own computer back from its doctor.

Much love, Kenz!

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