Friday, September 24, 2010

I absolutely love getting the news I did last night..

Brecken gets to come home earlier than planned!!!

(p.s. if you cant tell, i'm just a tad bit excited!)

Yeah he is coming home on Monday..

All I can say is, this weekend is going to go by sooo slooww!!

i'm just so glad that i have a full day pretty much packed for tomorrow, and then sunday i will be busy with church unitl later in the evening.. so i just hope that nothing drags more than it should.

I cant wait for tomorrow though, it will be so much fun!

lunch with breckens mom and sisters

then...... Adriennes bridal shower.

ya about time her and drew finally tied the knot and got it on. haha

I cant wait to give her the gift from us girls at the cleaners,

oh they will have soo much funn!!

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