Monday, September 6, 2010


My family and I spent the day at the Hard Rock Café on Saturday. Shallow Day had made it into the finals, the top 5! So we went to support. They are an awesome band from here in St. George. Their show was a total blast! They did such an amazing job, and totally rocked the house. The café was packed with Shallow Day fans. Brooke and Robin said that after they boys played the café emptied out and it never got full again for the rest of the bands. The results came back at six. Sadly, Shallow Day took third place.. All because Mike’s guitar strap broke the first song and he had to re-tune it, which I find absolutely stupid. They shouldn’t take point for that.. that kinda stuff always happens and isn’t planned.. Good job boys! You did an awesome job! Cant wait for the next concert!

Here in a Drum Solo before their song Hollywood Lady!

Seriously Guys, Check them out. or Facebook them! They are awesome!!

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