Saturday, September 10, 2011

As many of you know, I love to write poetry. I also love to read poetry online, and see what people write. It is just such an easy way for me to write down my feelings, and just feel creative. Today before I left for work I had sometime to just sit on the couch and read some poems online. I found this letter about a woman who tells her kids her success in a good happy marriage. As I was reading this I really liked what she had to say, about how marriage is not all serious business and how it is really is the small things that you do every single day to make each other happy and remind each other how much you love them. One of the lines in her letter really spoke to me; she told her kids the thing that is the most important each and everyday to your father and I, is our goodbye kiss. this is what she wrote in her letter; word for word. “ The way to remind each other every day that you love them, is a goodbye kiss Sounds strange I know, but it's the time we connect and commit every day and make a silent promise to be there for each other.” I love this, and I do believe it to be true. I believe no matter how the night ended, each day is a new day. Each day deserves a fresh start, and each and every single day you need to feel loved; whether it is with words or not. Also, here is a poem that she wrote to go along with this goodbye kiss.

Breakfast Over
Tie on straight
We meet by the door
Can't be late

Thinking about
What lies ahead
A grouchy boss
Unmade beds

Fires to put out
Bills to pay
We need strength
To face the day

The Goodbye kiss
Don't rush this time
Smiling eyes
I'm yours, you're mine

Tousled hair
Fresh shaven face
My love, my partner
A warm embrace

Infusing strength
A daily pact
I'm here for you
You've got my back

We are one
A braided cord
A lingering kiss
Courage shored

I love you

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.
love, kenzie

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