Tuesday, October 23, 2012



I was so excited 
and scared out of my mind 
to get on ice skates for the first time 
ever in my life.
I have always wanted to do it.
Just never did it. 
So while everyone was in town this weekend,
Kelly thought we should do it.
Now I cant wait to try again.
Plus I am proud of myself,
I did not fall once.
Talk about gold stars for me!

I can say that I give a heck of a lot of credit,
to the figure skaters, hockey players, and 
everyone else who uses this thing on a daily basis.
I am jealous of how easy you make it look,
Cause it is a lot more hard then I thought it would be.

I did walk aways with a bruise though,
from the skates being so freaking tight.
ugh, no pain, no gain.. right?

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