Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I haven’t done a feelings post in quite a while,

So today I think I will.

I mean, I got a lot of feelings going on inside of this body.

But who am I kidding, I am a girl.

Girls seem to have a lot of thing called “feelings”.

Don’t know why us girls have to deal with all the horrible stuff..

Ugh, boys suck.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy this summer.

That way I don’t get myself to thinking about how much I miss my boy.

Geez I miss that boy.

I hate how far away we are from each other.

And I cant wait for the time that I get too see him again,

Hopefully its soon.

My birthday is coming up, maybe he’ll come home!

Stress seems to be a big part of my life right now,

I think that is why I am always so sick all the time.

I honestly don’t do good with stress.

I went to the doctor trying to figure out if something was wrong with me,

Maybe a virus or something..

After blood work and mouth swabs,

They all come back negative for all test results.

Ugh, lovely!

I’ve made the decision to get my Patriarchal Blessing,

I’m super excited.

I got to go and talk to the bishop and what not, but I cant wait.

I’m finally going to start putting myself first and do the things that are important to me.

After that, I want to get my temple recommend.

Go do Baptism’s for the dead.

First time ever, so looking forward to being in the Lord’s House.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at Lake Powell.

I absolutely love it there.

Nothing is better than the nights there,

The sunsets are especially amazing.

Summer, Sunshine, Swimsuit = Love!

After my last little accident there

I was hesitant to get back out.

But I did it anyways.

I loved being out there with my Family and the Vaughn’s.

I absolutely love that whole family and look up to them so much.

They are all so close and have the most amazing spirit.

Where does the time fly?

It seems like it was just January and we were celebrating my Mom’s birthday.

Then February, Valentines Day.

Then March, Brecken’s Birthday!

Then How much fun that was planning with his Mom.

Then May, Summer is here already.

Then July, Lake Powell!

Now August, really now!

My birthday is almost here. 1 ½ more weeks..

Wow.. 21!! Already..

Next thing I know its going to be cold and Christmas

Today’s events, I took Hallie shopping for her birthday!

Love that girl!

And bought her a cute outfit, some headbands

Her little sister, (soon to be here) and an outfit, shoes and all, of course.

And Camrie’s Son, (Beckham, if that’s still what they are planning on naming him) the most adorable outfit and shoes.. Baby shoes are too freakin cute, and so so small!

I fall in love with children’s clothes every time I pass the section.

I cant wait to have a little one of my own, I mean I can wait, but I cant!!

Last and not least,

Last Song, I love this movie,

Bought it today! Yay!!

One of my favorite parts of the whole movie

Jonah à“Mom says its cause she has PMS..”

Dad à“Do you know what that is?”

Jonah à“Dad, I’m not a little kid anymore. It means Pissed at Men Syndrome.”

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