Sunday, August 29, 2010

{My Birthday Weekend}

So August 28th was my 21st birthday.. yeah the big 21, haha. On Thursday mom told me that we were going to dinner with some people. She wouldn’t let me know who though, and of course it drove me nuts. I love giving suprises, but man when I get them they can drive me crazy. We went to samurai 21 and the volkers came along. It was a blast. It was hallie’s birthday on the 24th so we celebrated both of our birthdays that night. It was great fun.

When I got to work friday morning, Rochelle gave me these flowers with some balloons. they are so cutee! I sure do love them! Plus the wrap in the vase is awesome! Thanks shell!

At work on friday I got the best suprise. Brecken sent me these amazingly beautiful flower. yes I got all teary eyed. I sure do miss him alot, and I was extremely sad that he couldn't come home for my birthday. But these flowers sure did make me smile.

Then on Friday after work I spent the day with brooke and hailey. We had so much fun just hanging out. Me and hailey took some pictures. Love that tlittle girl! Then robin was going to be picking up me and brooke, we were going to mesquite for the night. I was super excited to hang out with them. I love them!

When we got the mesquite, robin wanted to get reservations at katherine’s. I was all excited cause I knew I could get us in with me knowing patty and tom. When I got there patty took us right back and when I walked into the room.. well everyone was there.. hello surprise. Funny thing, before I saw everyone and realized what was going on, I saw Austin, shay, and steele, I said “What are you guys doing here” out loud. I never thought I would of seen those guys at a fine dining restaurant. Then I saw everyone and was like, oh my gosh.. wow.. hello. This is a surprise party! Yeah my mom did a good job and totally surprised me. Everyone was there. The whole entire Vaughn family and some of my friends, I loved having them all there! but the suprises didn't end there. when i walked into my room it was fully decorated, with balloons and streamers. i dont know why but it didn't upload the picture. and i dont wanna try to upload it and fit get it down here. then fix all the pictures again. so i will just upload them on another post. it was soo cute though!

On Saturday we just spent the day at the pool, drinking fun drinks and had pizza. It was a total blast. I think I went down the slide like a million and five times with the kids. But I sure do love them. I loved having brooke and mike, wes and talia, and the kids stay and play all day. It was so so much fun! Perfect day!

I just wanted to say thank you for everyones birthday wishes and everyone who came down to make my birthday so special. It was so awesome having everyone there. I loved it soo much!

Love, kenz

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