Sunday, November 11, 2012

winter.. winter.. oh winter.

Yes.. I have been told about winter here in North Dakota. I just haven't truly experienced one of the famous North Dakota winters yet... I have a feeling though this year, I will have my first. We have already had our first big snow fall this year, the wonderful winter storm names Brutus. Now it wasn't as much as they were saying it was, but then again it hasn't full passed over us yet either. I was looking online for some pictures of what I was intel for and I have been amazed at some of the pictures that I have come across. Ugh, I will not be afraid to say that I just may freeze, cry, throw a temper tantrum, stop my feet, and cry some more. I am scared to see what this winter has in store for me. If it is as bad as I have been told, I will wanna cry everyday. I thought I would just share what I may be in store for me this year.

 Minot, ND

 Minot, ND

 Helena, MT
Which is part of our region of winter storms.

Winter Storm Names for 2012-2013

Gulp,,, and with the snow comes the ice.

No, Not this kind of Ice..

Yes, The kind you could potentially skate on.

The scary kind that freezes under the snow

The kind that freezes on your car, makes it impossible to get in.
The kind you slip and fall on,
The kind that makes it scary to walk outside.
The kind you secretly love to slide on and scared at the same time.

Yes, the kind where you have to dress like this just to walk outside and still freeze down to the bone deep in your body.

I can officially say.. I may be a little scared if this is what I have in store for me.
So please pray for me, I need some St. George sunshine.

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