Sunday, November 25, 2012

one word. Pinterest.

I have an addiction.
It’s called
-   Pinterest

I swear that every time I turn around I am on the site again and again. It is so addicting to find inspiration; any my wallet may not say thank you for it. I found so many wonderful things that I want, and of course I am saddened when I lick on the link and it says that the product is sold out. Ahh, worst feeling every. Then again, it makes me scower to find something similar. My style has change, for the better. Hopefully. I am always getting new ideas, which I love J
But my style isn’t the only thing that has prospered from it. I have tried a lot of new recipes and most of them have turned out to be so good!
Well here is some of the wonderful things I have found, cute huh!

 Sorry the pics are from my phone.
I was sending them out, 
christmas ideas..
hehe :)

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