Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Past - Present - Future


It’s a given fact that at points in our lives we dwell on what has happened to us in our past. It doesn’t matter if we let ourselves down or someone let us down. The best thing we can possibly do is to forgive and more forward. How else are we suppose to enjoy what is going to come into our lives and appreciate what could be, if we can’t let go of what has been? 

We have to learn to let go of the situation and/or the person whom we have been holding on too. It is the sole reason that we can’t let happiness into our lives, whether we realize that we are holding on or not. In order to let go of what has been, we have to emotionally detach ourselves from what happened and the pain that we are holding on too. We must forgive and release any harsh feelings that we maybe harboring. Move forward with life; remember that situation made us strong and the person standing in front of you now. You are strong and things will get better. 

This is something I am personally working on myself. Yes, I have been hurt. Yes, I have let myself down. Yes, I have been in horrible spots in life. But, I will start to appreciate the things that are at my feet currently. I will love and enjoy the people around me. I will really start to let my guard down more around people, because how else am I supposed to let someone in at some point. 

These past few weeks have really been an eye opener for me personally. I realized how much hurt I still have been harboring with my breakup. Even though I had moved on, I hadn’t let go and realized the harsh feelings I had toward the person and the entire situation as a whole. I have now realized how much it has been holding me back, enjoying the beauty and friendships that are growing around me. It has made me constantly second guess myself as a person. I now realize that. The wonderful thing though; I will change, I will let go, I will move forward completely, and I will once again look forward to what is next in my life. 

- Kenzie

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