Saturday, August 13, 2011

{the job search}
As I came to Minot I had to find myself a new job. I was sad to leave the comfort of what I have always done, and always new. I wanted to find myself something that was different from what I had always done, but also something that I knew that I would enjoy. I put my resume in at a lot of different companies before I came up. A couple weeks before I came up I got a phone call from The Buckle. I got all excited, I wanted to work at Buckle when I was at home for part time. This was great something new, something different. I just had to get the job first. I had an interview that next day after I got into Minot, so I was hoping that I would get it. Well the interview must of went well, because I got the job! Hell yeah! I am excited, I am a full time team mate now at the Minot Buckle! Come see me and I can dress you in some awesome clothes!

Yes I can make you look like this..

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