Saturday, August 13, 2011

So lately, I have been blog surfing..! Yes, you heard me right; blog surfing. I have looking for new ideas for lots of things. Recipes, Crafts, Hair accessories, anything, and everything that I can look at; and I’ve been finding a lot of really fun blogs. Some that I like a lot more than others, and things that I have been dying to try out! Well I wanted to share some of my fun finds with you guys (:

I love this sight little miss momma, its got a lot of fun ideas, challenges, recipes, and dIY projects that I have wanted to try out.. so here is the link little miss momma

I also really like this just.lovely.things. because I love head bands and so this blog gives me so many fun ones that I want so bad, but it also has a ton of links that take you to other sights that give you other ideas.. so here is the link {just.lovely.things}

I have really fallen in love with Jamie cooks it up. I actually got told about this blog from my family members when I was on facebook one day and they were talking about some chicken artichoke pizza that they made. It sounded so good and I just wanted to try it out, once I got going through the blog I realized that there was so many other fun recipes that I wanted to try out; and I have! They are soo soo soo good! She is seriously amazing, and I love her menus, because honestly it helps me plan out meals for the week. which makes it so much easier for when we go to the grocery store her in Minot (yes, the store can be total hell here!!). so here is the link, enjoy! Jamie Cooks It Up!

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