Saturday, September 15, 2012

St. George Sunshine for a couple of days..

Wow it has been forever since I have last been on here, due to my love computer decided that it was time to retire and die. But thank you to my wonderful brother, he bought me a new laptop for my birthday his year so that I am no longer with out a laptop. I can’t believe that he did that for me! I am so loved! Well now that I have a laptop that is in full working mood I can now get on here and keep everyone update with life. Right now I am currently sitting in my Momma and Papa’s house in St. George, cant believe how long it has been since I have last been here. Feels good to be back, not going to lie. It is so beautiful here, you forget just how beautiful when your not here everyday. Since I have last been here St. George has changed so much, new things are popping up everywhere and the road construction has been finished in some places and of course started in other, what else is new. I do give props to The City of St. George though, cause these roads are so nice now!
While I am here for this short but sweet visit, Torie came down to visit. I was so nice to be able to see her, since the last time I did was at Grandpa’s funeral back in January. She flew into Vegas just an hour before Brecken and I got there. Brecken and Torie had never had the chance to meet, since he couldn’t get off the time to join me for Grandpa’s funeral. It was so nice to have them finally meet. I have been so excited to get to spend some time with her, and really build the relationship that we really haven’t been able to have for so many years.
On Friday I got to spend some time with Brecken’s family. The girls all meet up for breakfast at Kneaders. This was going to be the first time that I have ever been able to eat there, and Camille just knew I was going to love it. Amy just about died when I said that I had never been there before. It was so good to see everyone, I wish Jess Reber could have been there too, it would have been so nice to be able to see her; but I sure enjoyed everyone else’s company. Torie and Levi also joined us; they got to meet the other side of the family as I call them. P.S. if you haven’t eaten at Kneaders before, get in your car right now (if it is during there business hours of course) and head to the Kneaders that are closest to your, Oh My Goodness I was in heaven with their french toast. Y’all know how much I love my french toast, and it was so delicious!
Today, we are going to get to go down to Vegas for the rest of the week. I am so excited to be able to get some shopping done. I need some new clothes for the fall and winter, since I didn’t really have the wardrobe that was appropriate for real fall and winter season while I lived in St. George. I am excited to see what I find. Mom got a killer deal at a Marriott Resort down there, and I am super excited to spend a couple weeks in the sunshine of Vegas. Shopping, Swimming, Sunbathing, and Spontaneous adventure is in store for the next couple days.

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