Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spoiled Rotten

If this describes you, you too are an entrepreneur. Do you recognise yourself? Are you? 
I have this little story that happened to me on Tuesday while I was working. Mind you, this happened while working at my full time job. (If you are new to Life in the Sunshine, I manage my family’s owned Dry Cleaning business) Anyway, I am a little 50/50 with my feelings toward it. I want to be a little upset with what was said, and yet, I find it kind of comical at the same time. So, here it is:

A guy walked into my establishment to pick up his order, after a little chit chat, he asked if the other Dry Cleaners up the road was less expensive then we are. I told him that I believe we were a little higher priced. When he asked why we aren’t competitive with our pricing, I told him exactly what I tell each of our customers, which by the way is the truth. “We buy the best quality supplies; we don’t cheat out on buying cheap hangers and cleaning products. We supply our customers with the very best, because we believe in giving the best quality work.” Then, here is the kicker.. He had the audacity to say this back in reply to me, “I heard it because the owner has a spoiled daughter.”

I looked at him, partially laughed. He says “I am guessing that is you, by the redness in your face” (which I wasn’t embarrassed one single bit. I actually have rosy checks naturally). Feeling like I had to defend myself to this guy, who I have never met in my entire life, who supposedly knows all about my life... I said back, “Yes, I am the owner’s daughter. I am far from being spoiled. I have worked my entire life for what I have. I work hard for everything that I own. I have bought my own cars, paid all my own bills, and been employed since the day I was 15. Thank you.” Kind of taken back from it, he says “That is just what I was told, those exact words, spoiled.”  Yeah dude, I am spoiled, by myself.

Well long story short, I was extremely taken back by the fact that this guy, whom I have never met in my entire life, told me that we run our business because my father has to spoil me. That is what has me upset over this entire situation. Then again, I have to laugh, because who ever told him this, obviously doesn’t know me.

My parents have worked hard their entire lives to be where they are. They have built a legacy from the ground up that supported my entire family, throughout my childhood. I was very blessed to have been raised by such amazing parents, to say the least. They have always found it important, that each of their children, know the meaning of hard work. They raised us with the knowledge that to get where we want in life, we have to work extremely hard to get there. Not a day in my life, have I ever thought of myself as spoiled. Yes, I was very blessed and fortunate to have been able to travel all over as a child and see so many wonderful things. We had purpose though, my parents always believe in giving service to those who are in need. So many, many, many of those trip growing up, were actually service based trips. I was blessed that my parents were able to provide us with nice belongs growing up, but from the moment that we could work, we did. I am extremely grateful for that, I wouldn’t be where I am in my life without the foundation of a hard work ethic. For that, I am blessed.

p.s. and with all the hard work I do day-in and day-out, yes, I do like to spoil myself. So, thank you for noticing.

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