Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let Spring Begin

Let me share something with you, I love spring. I love spring because of the weather; it’s warmer, it’s sunnier, the flowers begin to bloom, the outdoors is perfect to just enjoy the sunshine. I love spring because of the clothing; it’s lighter and brighter. I love spring because it’s truly a start to a new year, a new beginning, and it means a new and fun fashion trend. Yep, I will admit it, I love spring fashion.!


I am loving the colors that will be popping up this spring; Soft Blue, Violet, Mint, Soft Grey, Sandy Beige, Bright Yellow, Coral, Orange, Radiant Purple, and Bright Blue. Yeah Pantone has different names for these colors, but in all honestly, these are what we will be calling them. Aren’t I right?

Plus, have you seen the adorable and not so adorable trends for this spring..? Well, here are the projected Top Ten Trends for Spring 2014: Pretty Pastels, Boxy Cropped Jackets, Contrast-Collar Button-Downs, Wide-Leg Trousers, Cool Bomber Jackets, Tea Length Skirts, Sweater Dressing, Tuxedo Meets Athletic Striped Trousers, Shift Blouse, Collarless Coats. 

What do you think about the Spring Fashion of 2014?

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