Thursday, August 21, 2014


For as long as I can remember; I have always loved birthdays! I could care less if we were celebrating a family member, a friend, or my own birthday; I just love to celebrate them! I can honestly say it’s probably because I get to have an excuse to indulge in my favorite hobby, shopping. I find so much joy in being able to shop and pick out a present for someone. The best though, is giving it to them and watch them open it. I take presents serious, because they are so much fun for me. It's not ever the object of the present itself, but the thought and the time that I take, or someone else, to find the 'perfect' present for someone else.

My birthday is just a short week away; I can’t honestly believe it to be truthful. It seems like I have been talking about turning 25 for a while, now it’s knocking at my front door. I won’t lie, it is kind of weird to be thinking that I am already 25. I know that it really isn’t that old, but in reality, it kind of is a big deal. I mean, hello, I have already had 25 years of memories under my belt.

There are quite a few things that I have been swooning over, but haven’t found the perfect pieces here in my hometown to buy, or I can't convince myself to spend the money on it yet. I thought it would be fun to share them all with you. I mean, birthday is totally the perfect time to share things that I would love to see in my closet and/or bedroom…right? *hint hint*

Birthday Wishes

I have wanted to redecorate my bedroom all year long; I think that accessories and wall décor are the perfect place to start. Since, I already know the color scheme that I want to go with. I though accessories are the perfect place to make a small, yet noticeable change to my room. I am in love with these printed décor pillow I keep seeing everywhere. Plus, I also would love to put a fun collage on the wall with pictures and hanging décor.

Since I began doing a lot more fashion blogging, I have found a new love for accessories. I actually have to tell myself to not stop in the accessory department at stores, because I can’t help myself when it comes to wanting them. I have been inspired by so many bloggers with the way they layer their bracelets and watch. I would love some fun pieces to choose from every day. Plus, who can go wrong with a beautiful pair of earring or a ring; no one.

I have seen so many fun fall outfits that are paired with a gorgeous pair of pointed toe shoes. I think that they are a perfect finishing piece to an amazing outfit. I bought one of my very first pair of pointed toe heels this summer and have been in love with them to say the least. I don’t want, but need more in my shoe collection.  

Two words; Boyfriend Jeans. You can see from some of my recent posts that I am completely in love with the pair of jeans that I picked up at GAP and distressed myself. The problem is that, I wear them all the time. I must add some more to my closet, cause its bad to wear the same ones over and over again, right?

My new found love for lipstick has me constantly wandering into the makeup isle and spending way over the amount of time I should looking at all the beautiful colors. The only problem I have found with lipstick, my dry skin soak it in way too fast. That is when the wonderful employee at Ulta shared these Too Faced Melted with me. Okay want to be my best friend, go by me these!

Last but not least, my favorite thing possibly ever; Handbags. I actually love satchel bags. They are perfect for day to day wear, as well as traveling. I love that they are structured and look amazing. Since I have incredibly expensive taste for purses, a girl can dream about purses like this in a beautiful wrapped present, right? Plus, I mean fall and winter are around the corner.. That means I really do need a new one, right?

MICHAEL Michael Kors red satchel purse

When is your birthday?
How do you like to celebrate it?
What have you been swooning over lately?

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