Friday, August 1, 2014

Hellooo August

I confess that I absolutely am in love with this picture that I took of Brecken & I at the NDSF last weekend! I think it has to be my favorite picture of us so far!

I confess that I may possibly hate United Airlines for all the troubles that happened on my last two flights.

I confess that I will still fly with United Airlines because they are the only airline who goes in/out of St. George.

I confess that I can’t believe it is already August, holy shit.

I confess that I am excited it is August, hello birthday month!

I confess I never thought I would be the kind to like bright colored lips on myself, yet I am loving wearing lipstick. Possible new addiction…

I confess that it hasn’t even been a full week and I am missing Brecken more than ever, damn ND job!


  1. Happy birth month! (I celebrate the entire month of May!) And lipstick is amazing!

  2. May this be a great birthday month for you, celebrate the entire month
    I came over to say hi From a Blonde Ambition :)
    I am your newest follow

  3. Happy August! I love the idea of a bright lipstick, but have never tried it. I'm more of a lipgloss girl, but now I'm tempted ;) Found you through Creative Closet link-up and loving your blog! ~Ree