Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Missed the ol' times..

Today was such a fun day. I got to spend it with Brooke! She is such an amazing person, I love being able to talk with her about everything and anything that came across our minds. We talked about all the memories that we created over the summer at Lake Powell, and just hanging out around good ol' stg. My favorite was the walk that we went on when Dylan decided that he wanted to bring the scooter. After not wanting to ride it anymore the boys took over, Wes and T started riding it and going all crazy on it. Then the hill came, oh the hill. They were so funny, and the sprinklers were a blast trying to not get wet from them. Those were some fun days. She cant wait to make more memories in the future, either can I. I am so excited to have her back in my life after Justin and I splitting.
Sometimes dont you just love looking back on all the memories that you have had over the years. I know that I love to just look through pictures and remember what happend on that day. Like old high school pictures from dance, football games, parties, and all the other nights. I love find pictures of Morgan and I from when we were little. Like the one where we have flour all over us from baking a cake and we got into a little flour throwing fight. Old birthdays, are always a joy to look at. Fun Vacations, Boring Vacations, Last Minute Vacations, Vacations in general. All the many memories that you can bring up and remember by looking at old pictures that you may have stached in the back of your closet, in an old scrapbook, on the computer, where ever they may be. Take 'em out and think of all the fun you had in that picture.

These are a few pictures that I had on my computer, from the old days(:

Christmas Break '08

Morgan and I

This is from a trip that Levi and I took up to Salt Lake.

Lake Powell June '08.
This is the trip that we took after graduation.

Graduation May '08

Spafford and Barnum.

This is when Barnum suprised us all and chopped her hair off.

Junior Year of High School.

April '07

This is Wes Swaney. I dated him for a while in high school.

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