Monday, January 11, 2010

What does it take?

Dedicating your self to something is more than just an interest it in. It means that you are making a commitment to do something, and following through with it.

As I sat in sacrament on sunday there was a talk on commitment. He talked about how when your are baptized, you commit yourself to living the way of our father in heaven. He also talked about how we should come to sacrament with a broken heart, that way when we take the sacrament we will can ask for forgivness with intent. If we truly mean it, Heavenly Father will forgive us just like that. That is when you have to dedicate yourself to not make the same choices that you had, better yourself so that you will become more christ like. Something that stood out to me was when he said, "To do the repentense process, you have to have commitment." Also he said "Dedicating yourself: It is different to be interested then to be dedicated and commited to something, especially your father in heaven." I though long and hard during the rest of the sacrament meeting about what I need to dedicate myself to, and follow through with it. If it means writing it on your mirror to have a daily reminder, doing it with family and friend, or putting it right there for you to see each and everyday. Everyone has something big or small that we need to commit ourselves too, by commiting yourself you will better yourself to be more christ like. We need to remember that we are made in his image, so we need to study and become more christ like. That way one day we will be gods or goodesses of our own. We will be able to live with him again. We need to have the qualities of god, or nature of god is what you may refer it too. We must be meriful, loving, unchangable, creative, all knowing(or willing to gain the knowledge given to us), forgiving, genius, joyful, happy, and charitable. If we dedicate ourself to gain these qualities, and study the way of heavenly fathers son, then we will become christ like. Aso there are some things that will bring you closer to him, so that you can believe in your heart that he does exist, he loves us, and that you will know you are his child. *Belive he exist and that he loves us. If you need help on a down day when your in doubt look to Mosiah 4:9.

*Study the scriptures. If you dont understand, read to invite the spirit. Pray to ask for help to understand what you are reading, that the knowledge from the pages with become explainable and understandable to you as a reader.

*Pray to him. We need to talk to our Father in Heaven. He is our father and our friend. We need to update him on life and let him know how we are feeling, truly have a converstation with him. Ask him for help, strength, guidance, whatever it is that you may need in your life. Also remember to take sometime to thank him for all the blessings in your life. Sometimes we take for granted what he gives us, so make sure to thank him for even the small things. Like having a friend, family, or maybe even a toothbrush. A good idea is to be selfless and take a prayer to just thank him for all those things in your life that you are grateful to have in it.

* Obey all his commandment. He wants us to live with him again, but we need to dedicate ourself to follow and become like him, to live with him again. Look at 1 John 2: 3-5, if you need help.

I absolutely love going to church and learning so much about this gospel that I love. I want gain all the knowledge that my brain can cram into it. I cant wait to dedicate myself to gaining more knowledge.

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