Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update on Surgery..

As of tuesday it has been two weeks since I have had surgery. It has been a hard road since I got sick, and I am just so happy to finally know that it is just a better road from here on out. I worked for a few hours a day all last week, and so far this week I have been at work full time. Wow is it kicking my butt, but I can handle it. Once I get home, I love just being able to sit down and put up my feet. Now I understand why my parents just wanted to sit down after work as a child. I have my doctor follow up on Thursday, hopefully all goes well.. haha most of the super glue that covered the cuts have peeled off. Looks so much worse with the super glue on then off. Well all is well so far. Loving that I can do stuff!

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