Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take a little time..

Sittin on the couch last night with Melanie made me realize something. I really miss those long life talks with my closest friends. Lately, So much has been on my mind and I have been keeping it all in. During christmas time this year I had alot of down time which made me start thinking. Sometimes that can not be such a good thing for someone, but on the other hand it can be the best thing that you need to do. Things seems like they are all just coming at once. Like for the fact that the cleaners is slow, so its hard to get the hours that I would like. I have seriously though about getting a second job, just to help put away money and pay off some debt that is driving me nuts. Another thing is Money, and of course none of us are where we wish we were. But at the same time I felt that over the summer, I had my money so much more controlled. Then things like the brakes on the car has to be replace, and I had to pay for registration 2 times this year. The stupid bank screwed me over and it had to be paid, or moreless I would be without a car. Then the sickness hit, so the doctor bills just all came in on me. Then the fact that when I am down, I have a serious shopping habit. It can honestly be one of the worst things, but I am just lucky that I caught myself before it got too out of hand. Believe me, it can get way out of hand for me.
So last night made me realize that I personally need to take some time each day and write down my thoughts to get them out, or sit down and talk to some. That way I can feel so much better and I think it will help with all the stresst that is locked away inside of me. I honestly do not do well with stress. Mom says that when I am way stressed out, I take it out on her. I think that when I have this all built up inside of me, and someone makes me mad. It all comes out. I dont know how to handle it, so i'm going to try this idea that came to me. I hope that it will help, cause I could sure use to.
The last week has been such a good week though, I will have to say that. I have had the best time just hanging out and catching up with Brooke. I absolutley love her and love lil miss Hailey. It has been so much fun just getting to see her and be around her again. I miss that family so much. I cant wait to be all better, we have so many fun things planned. Brooke is such a strong woman, She is so spiritual and she just glows. She is such an inspiration to me, I look up to her so much. I really cant wait to just be around her more often, she reminds me of who I want to be. She is a awesome mother, wife, sister, and friend.

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