Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Always Looking Good in Photos!

I am not about to tell you that I am some secret model and knows all the best secret to taking amazing photos. Because let’s face it, I am not a model; I am just a simple girl who happens to be in front of the camera and actually like it. After working with Ashley over the past few months, I have some tricks up my sleeve that seem to help with the outcome of really good looking photos. So, I thought I would share my findings with all of you lovelies.

Yes, I know it’s a big shocker. But in all honesty, if you prepare yourself for a shoot, it will only help you in the end. 

1. Exfoliate your face the night prior, dead skin can cause a couple of problems; flakey and uneven skin tone, which results in you looking like a ghost. Skin really goes glow in photos, promise, so take the extra minute to exfoliate your skin.

2. Getting the appropriate amount of rest is extremely important. You can only hide those bags under your eyes from a bad night of sleep with so much make up. Brutally honest, I know. But, we both know that not getting enough rest does wonders to your appearance.

3. Last but not least, probably the most important of the preparedness part. Water, drink lots and lots of water. I can’t stress enough of how important this is all around, but the proper intake of water is going to make your skin look so much better. The affect that water has to the skin is amazing, it makes it look so much healthier and it will give your that gorgeous glow you want, I promise!

Best Kept Secret : Take a Perfect Picture

Of course there will always be a million tips on how to pick the perfect outfit, but here at the guidelines. 

1. Pick an outfit that screams you 

2. Proper fitting clothing – You don’t want something that is overly too big or too small for your figure. Because remember the camera can and will add 10 pounds, it really does. 

3. Make sure that your accessories never overpower you and are finishing touches to your outfit.

4. Undergarments – These are crucial parts to making sure an outfit looks proper. You don’t want to have saggy boobies because you don’t have a proper fitting bra, or a underwear line. I promise that the camera is going to pick up on those elements.

5. Shoes that fit, for obvious reasons. Heels will look amazing in photos, because they also help elongate your body and make your legs look awesome. But, if heels are not your thing, make sure that your feet have proper shoes and socks/stockings or whatever you are going to wear, are properly covered or showing correctly.

Best Kept Secret : Take a Perfect Picture
 Shirt : JcPennys | Jeans : Gap | Shoes : Steve Madden | Purse : TJ Maxx | Bracelets : Buckle

In my experience, my hair always seems to look more flat or frizzy then normal the normal mirror. I always recommend a couple of things:

1.  Choose a hairstyle that is easy to play with and you can move with.

2. Add some extra volume; if this means extensions and some more teasing, then do so.

3. Shine that baby up!

Best Kept Secret : Take a Perfect Picture 
Tank Top : Bohme | Bandeau : Victoria's Secret | Shorts : Buckle

Something I have always noticed is that make-up in photos always looks different than it does in pictures. You can put on your normal everyday make-up, snap a photo, and it looks like you have nothing on. So, when it comes to being in front of the camera, it is okay to add a little more and make sure to blend a little better.

1. Foundation’s that have SPF in them are horrible for photos, because SPF reflects light. So what ends up happening is your face reflects the flash, making you look oily. Also, I make sure that I always make sure to take the foundation from my face to my neckline for an all over even tone. If you don’t want to do that, make sure to blend that line at your chin really well. 

2. Blush is important! I always add a little extra or a little pinker color to the apple of your cheeks! It is going to give you so much more color than you are used too!  

3. Contouring your face is your best friend. Do yourself a favor and Google how to contour for your face shape, it will do wonders. I promise!

4. Do your eyes the way you want too. If you are going to go bold, then do it! Decide that you want to keep it more natural looking, then make sure to just brighten the eye but don’t go crazy with the eye shadow. I like lining my eyes, but I also make sure that it isn’t overwhelming so that it makes my eyes look small. One thing though, if you highlight your tear line, it is going to open up your eyes and make them look gorgeous and open!

5. Fill in your Brows! If you don’t usually do this, do it! Filled in eyebrows define the face and add so much to your makeup! Seriously, you will not go wrong with filling in your brows!

6. Last, lip color! It really is important; because it adds the perfect finishing touch to your face. You don’t have to go with some bright colored lip; just a simple pink color will even do wonders. 

7. If you want to go the extra mile, you will highlight and contour your face right before you are done. This will add all the dimension to your face, but it is totally optional!

Best Kept Secret : Take a Perfect Picture

Let me tell you a secret, being photogenic is all in your head. Be comfortable in your own skin and it will show in your pictures! Be comfortable, confident and remember to have fun and laugh throughout the entire photo shoot! These are the moments that the best pictures are captured! Seriously; relax, turn on some music and have fun!
Remember to always SMILE, LAUGH, AND HAVE FUN!

 Best Kept Secret : Take a Perfect Picture

 Do you have any Tips/Tricks to take awesome photos?


  1. These are awesome tips, thanks for sharing Kenzie! Winged liner is definitely my go to because it helps lift and elongate my small eyes. I also find that if I have some extra time false lashes really add a lot to a photo, especially if it's being taken from far away.

  2. Thanks for these! I'm not that comfortable in front of the camera, but sometimes it's necessary for our fashion posts. I had no idea that foundations with SPF reflect light. Good to know! ~Ree