Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I am still in love with this year’s Pantone color of the year; Radiant Orchard. I love how well the fall colors really compliment the color of the year. Radiant Orchard has been paired with some amazing and slightly on the brighter side than normal for this fall season. I love that the Radiant Orchard has been toned down to being a Mauve Mist color to the palette.  There also is this gorgeous and sort of exotic color of Sangria and a beautiful and classic Aurora Red.

When I think fall, I think jewel tones colors of Yellow and Green. I think the trees changing colors always have me leaning more and more toward those beautiful colors. This year, they did not disappoint with a warm and sunshine filled Misted Yellow. Also, there is an eye catching green that is going to be great to pair with all of these colors!

Cypress and Sangria

When I think of neutrals for the fall, I automatically think of brown. Cognac is just the perfect color for this season, it is warm and bright, yet pairs perfectly with all of the colors. I love though that they added a touch of sandy grey to the palette with a Sea Fog and Aluminum.

Last, but certainly not least. Fall has to have some cool colors to pair with the gorgeous warm colors of fall. The Bright Cobalt is going to pair perfect with all the neutral prints of the season; when I think of prints for the fall, I think leopard and floral. I love that they wrapped up this season cool colors with a brighter than normal blue, let me introduce you to the royal side with Royal Blue. I love that it isn’t the normal Navy color you would automatically think of when it comes to fall, but a slightly brighter and more complex color. These blue are going to pair perfectly with all of the colors this season.

Cobalt and Misted Yellow

I am totally in love with the simple fact that they blended the bright colors from this spring with the deeper tones of fall. It has sure made for one gorgeous color palette this season! I can’t wait to get out there and start shopping! 

What do you think of the fall colors for 2014?
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