Thursday, February 13, 2014

Children's Museum

St. George has this wonderful little place called the St. George Children’s Museum. It is solely ran off of the donations from the public, so that the children of the community have a place to go and learn. It is quite the fun little place for kids of all ages to go in and explore. I took Brie to the SGCM yesterday and she has so much fun. The SGCM has a bunch of different themed rooms where the children can play with the exhibits; the house and farm had to by far be her favorite exhibit, next to the bubble machines of course. The farm exhibit has a cow that you can learn to milk. Yes, you just read that right, you learn to milk a cow. She was so funny when she pulled on the udders and water came squirting out, she had so much fun learning and exploring all over though. If you’re in the St. George area make sure to take some time and check out the St. George Children’s Museum by clicking here.  

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  1. How come I've never heard of this place?!? I'm taking my niece and nephew next time we're in town.