Thursday, November 6, 2014

5 Tips & Tricks to Turning Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits

Having a wardrobe that is versatile for the different seasons is essential in my opinion. Because I love so many of my pieces and would hate to be able to only wear them for a single season before packing them up until next year. Plus, fall here in Utah decides to change its mind a lot. One day it will be 80+ degrees and hardly cool, while the next it is a brisk 45 degrees in the morning and a beautiful 70 degrees in the day. So, it is essential to be able to have pieces in your closet that will pair together if it gets a little on the brisk side at night.

Here are some of my tips and trick for taking a summer wardrobe into the fall season:
5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine


Having an outfit that you can add pieces too is essential! Start with a basic and lightweight top, something neutral in my opinion. Add a sweater or cardigan, perfect opportunity to add some spice to the outfit with some beautiful floral or a wild leopard print. Then make sure to add a jacket that pairs with the outfit; neutral colors are my favorite. Last, adding a scarf is a perfect way to complete the layered look. Now if it is too hot outside for a scarf; I suggest adding a statement necklace for that finishing touch.


I love being able to pair that dress you loved all summer with a pair of tights. If your dress is basic, you can jazz it up with a fun printed pair of tights or you can keep it simple with just a solid basic pair. I love having a variety of tights in my drawer. I also make sure to keep a variety of thick and think ones too, because when it does get a little bit cooler, I love to wear my heavier cable knit ones with a dress and a cardigan.


These seriously are the perfect accessory to taking a summer outfit into the fall. They add so much detail to an outfit without having to add too many layers. I love the blanket scarf trend, because they are a little more bulky, yet they give a beautiful touch to an everyday basic top.

5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine


I think these are the perfect layering pieces. They can add that warmth you need from the crisp air, yet you can take them off and still have a stellar outfit without it. I always make sure that my sweater or cardigan add to my outfit, but doesn’t compete with it. Plus, there is nothing better than having that perfect sweater or cardigan to keep you cozy and comfortable in the evening.


Boots are essential item for your fall/winter wardrobe. They are also the perfect way to transition an entire outfit from summer to fall. For instance; take a lightweight summer dress, add a pair of tights and some boots, perfect fall outfit. Another would be; pair your favorite skinny jeans with a printed neutral top and add a fun pair of ankle booties to it.

5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine
 5 tips and tricks to transition your Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits | Life in the Sunshine

I love this little black dress I picked up at Forever 21 a couple of months back. I knew that it was a perfect piece to transition between different seasons. The weather here in Southern Utah is brisk in the mornings and evenings, yet it is 80 degrees in the middle of the day lately. So, I knew that I wanted a piece that would stand strong by itself, yet pair perfect with a sweater for morning and evening. I love the simple detail in the bodist of my dress, because it is just enough to add some flair and detail. Paired with this long fun printed sweater I bought from Buckle a few years back, makes for a perfect summer to fall transition outfit! The black tights and ankle boots were the perfect finishing touches that bring the entire outfit together, whether it be 80 degrees outfits or 45 at night!

What are your tips and tricks for transitioning into seasons?

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