Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baseball Tee + Spiked Statement Necklace

I need to be honest; I never wear a statement necklace with my outfits. Actually I almost never wear a necklace period unless it is something that is really small. The last time I think I wore an actual statement necklace, was probably in high school. I have a few long and layer necklaces that I wear occasionally, but that is really rare too. I really just don’t wear necklaces to begin with, which is weird because I have always been drawn to them and I have a bunch of different ones from throughout the years in my cabinet. 

I always find the most amazing outfit inspiration from either Pinterest or fellow bloggers. Just like Emily from The Sweetest Thing. I absolutely love following her blog, she puts such perfect outfits together and almost all of them (like the ones below) have a beautiful statement necklace that completes the outfit!"

I love Emily’s style and the way that she can incorporate a single necklace into multiple outfits! So, this inspired me to challenge myself into purchasing a necklace and wearing it a couple of different ways. If I am going to start incorporating necklaces into my daily style, then I have to have multiple outfits in which they will add that finishing touch too!

I went in search of a couple of statement necklaces. I found these amazing ones at Charming Charlie! Have I told you all how much I love that store? Well, I do! It is so awesome being able to go into a store that is not only color coordinated but has something to match every style! 

I can’t wait to put together some more outfits to wear with my Statement Necklaces! I am challenging myself to pick atleast two outfits a week that coordinated with a statement necklace! Wish me luck! 

Do you have any favorite Statement Necklaces you wear?
Are you joining Janna and Maegan for this weeks The Creative Closet prompt?


  1. Both are great statement pieces! The spiky one with the casual baseball tee, what a fun combo - looking forward to seeing the outfits you create with these!

  2. I love your combination! So cute!