Friday, November 7, 2014

Confessional Friday + CMA Fashion

Hello Lovelies! I am so excited that it is finally Friday and because it is Friday, I thought I would link up with Leslie for a little Confessional Friday!

I confess  
+ I am completely exhausted from this week and I am more than ready for this weekend.
+ This whole Daylight Savings thing is kinda screwing with me, I went to bed wayy to early last night. 
+ I have been craving homemade pie so bad, it must be November.
+ I am super excited for The Creative Closet link up on Tuesday because this one is really pushing me out of my comfort zone! Plus, I got some amazing inspiration for another lovely blogger. Can't wait to share it with all of you!
+ I am in love that the red cup has finally made its way into Starbucks,, Holidays are here!!
+ I possible spent way over what I should have Charming Charlies this week.. I couldn't resist though... Then, of course, when I get home I find a $20 off coupon in the mail - always seems to happen to me.
+ I have been thinking about buying the new tswift album; which is unlike me - I haven't exactly loved her music for a while.
+ I didn't watch the CMA Awards last night, thanks to not having cable in the house, but I will be watching it tonight. I couldn't resist though looking at the fashion on US Magazine.. I may or may not have complied my Love, Hate and Blah ones for you today! 
Kimberly Schlapman | Faith Hill | Kellie Pickler | Nicole Kidman | Ashley Monroe

Kimberly - Everything about your dress is horrible.
Faith - I just can't seem to pin point what it is about this dress that makes me hate it so much..
Kellie - Honey, what is going on with the pattern of your dress?
Nicole - Did you steal your grandmothers tablecloth?
Ashley - This is an award show,, That is not a dress for an award show.

Aubrey Peeples | Meghan Trainor | Jennifer Nettles | Connie Britton | Miranda Lambert

Aubrey - I love the skirt on your outfit, but I hate your top.
Meghan - I love the silhouette of your dress, but the color is just not doing it for me.
Jennifer - yeah, it is awesome that your dress has pockets, but there is just something off with your dress, possibly the neckline?
Connie - I love this dress, I just wish that it were floor length.
Miranda - Beautiful dress, I love the silhouette on you, but the color is just not good.

Jana Kramer | Lucy Hale | Carrie Underwood

Jana - I am sure other probably aren't in love with your dress, but I sure am.
Lucy - This dress is perfection! I do not have a single bad thing to say. Amazing!
Carrie - My first glance, I didn't love this dress, but it grew on me and I really love it now. Especially from the side view, it is a perfect compliment to that baby bump!

Danielle Bradbery | Kimberly Perry | Cassadee Pope

Danielle - The plunging neckline and velvet material are winners for me. Beautiful choice!
Kimberly - Girl, you are gorgeous and this dress fits you like a glove!
Cassadee - Now this is how you wear a 2pc dress! I am in love with the entire outfit and the statement necklace just finishes the entire look!

What are your thoughts on the Fashion of 2014 CMA Awards?
Whats your plans this weekend?
Are you going to link up with Leslie for some Friday Confessionals?


  1. The new TSwift album is amaze. And non-cable-havers unite!

  2. I loved all of Carrie's choices. Her beautiful baby blue floor length gown was one of my all time favorites!

  3. I am obsessed with Lucy Hale, I am so glad she's doing the country thing!
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  4. I love that the nashville cast goes to t CMAs!!