Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I have been staring at this computer with nothing but writers block for way too long now. I would continue with today’s post on blogtember, Tuesday, September 24: Review a book, place, or product. Sadly though, I have nothing that I can think of to review. I haven’t read a good book lately, and writing about a bad one isn’t worth it to me. Review a place, nothing comes to mind. I could talk about the place I have been to eat at, or the parks I have seen, then again it would just be constant repeat of other posts. I go to the same places all the time. Product, I mean I guess I could do that…. I could tell you the mascara I love or the hairspray I use day after day. Then it hit me.. I am going to tell you about the two people and the service I get most excited to see; my nail tech and my hairstylist.

I have been seeing Lisa Thompson for quite a few months now. I heard about her from Kati my best friend. I was at the point where I didn’t want acrylic nails anymore and had had them off for a couple of months. I really hated having plain nails though and shellac didn’t work for me. So after finding Lisa; I was hooked. She works inside of Salon Khroma here in St. George. She is fun, bubbly, and really does a great job. Here are just a few of my favorite nails recently.


Salon Khroma is rated #1 here in Southern Utah and after a few nail appointment the stylist start to get to know you and talk with you. I had asked a few of the girls there about my hair and the things that I have become used to with my last hair stylist before I moved back to St. George. I love my hairstylist in North Dakota because she knew exactly how my hair reacted and the way she cut it always looked amazing for my face. Long story short, I booked an appointment with Spencer and I haven’t been disappointed since. I moved to Utah with really dark dark hair and we have slowly been going back to a brighter lighter blonde. I am loving the cuts and colors I get each time.


If you want any of the information for the two amazing people about,
just leave me a comment and I will send the information your way.
Hope everyone has a splendid day..
much love, kenzie

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  1. You've just reminded me that I really, really need to call and make an appointment for a hair cut! It's one of those things that I love having done, but for whatever reason I always put it off for the longest time! I love the manicure with the stripes and tiny heart, super cute. :)